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you reel me in and i'm hooked. the sublime notion of attraction that draws me towards an immaculate entity. i flinch at your gaze, and i yearn for a response that will never materialise. for i know, deep down, your love's reserved for another, and mine's just asinine coveting. we share a language others don't hear, yet the words do not bind us. it's not a physical attraction, or the attraction of a comforting presence in the solitude, it's the draw of a mind so entrenched and in sync with mine, it's pulsating with an energy that craves attention.

i wished that we were kids, and then i could hold your hand and play with you at the playground. building sandcastles to the shape and tune of our hearts desires. climb up slides and see the world at our feet, we atop and alone in our very own right. stand behind you and push you on a swing and watch you go higher and higher till you block out the light, a canvas with the world as a frame, etched as a portrait in my mind. i'd look through the tunnel to see your face at the end, beckoning with a glow so radiant and intense.

i would pursue you but i cannot.

history hinders.

faith forbids.

dedication denies.

morals mitigate.

we could do so much together here. a lonely heart set against a satisfied one.

i lose, undoubtedly. without question.