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5 days and going strong

so it's the first of october today and a new month's gonna start. life in warwick can only get better and better. the brits have moved in now after international orientation ended on friday, and as much as people don't really have much good things to say about them, my house mates are like the craziest and bunch of people around. the brits who moved in are so gonna turn the house into party central, which i'm totally fine with. haha.

so last night, to celebrate their arrival, we had a mini house party. and we started drinking at 5.30 p.m. no joke. the beer, the vodka, the southern comfort. everything. it was amazing and i was drinking vodka out of a bottle and that could only mean trouble. haha but i was fine. no puking. just lotsa fucking stupid stuff that was captured down on video. and i really mean fucking stupid stuff coz it was firstly, embarrassing, and secondly, disgusting. but it was seriously goddamn hilarious coz everyone had a good laugh. and now that it's uploaded to somewhere (i'm not saying it coz no one's gonna watch it except ppl who were there last night), i'm pretty sure people really did enjoy watching me frolic about the common area, spouting nonsense.

woke up this morning with a bloody headache, not remembering how i got into bed. i was fully clothed thank you. haha. so lil ranon stayed home cass! i'm answering your facebook question here. haha. had another party today and the music was so much like mambo! but it was also so damn crowded. they played songs like american pie, bohemian rhapsody, summer of 69, ymca etc. all the mambo-esque songs. so happy.

and i got a job with the union bar, that means i'll be serving beer and making and shaking cocktails after some practice. i know johanna's gonna teach me how to make cuba libre, the hottest drink in venezuela! haha. anna got the job with me too and we're going rowing tmr, i think. haha. classes start at 9 tmr which kinda sucks coz i have no idea how anyone's gonna wake up. haha. gonna head down for the job induction and then one last class at 5 p.m. damn.

signed up for my extra module and i'm gonna do literature in the modern world, and conrad's heart of darkness is one of the texts we're gonna cover. yaaay. very much wanted latin but my credits were capped at a max of 120, and since my compulsory modules clocked 90 already, i could only choose one more and lit was a natural favourite. haha.

top banana's tmr. praying it's not as crowded, and that it'll be fun. anw, everyone's out to find me a singapore wife in warwick after i told the gang how i intended to get married at 26. haha. so now they think every chinese singaporean girl i talk to first has the potential to be one. so if any if you guys happen to read this, which i doubt, i do not need to find a wife here in warwick. don't be silly and stop scaring away future friends. haha.

and i've posters in my room now. please check out the 'confucius says' because it's just so mother hilarious. haha

would love to show upload the shots here but it'll take awhile, and the time's 2.56 a.m. i haven't showered, and my lecture's at 9 tmr. dang. check facebook people!

“5 days and going strong”