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I’m finally at London’s Heathrow airport terminal 3. After an excruciating 13 hours ride that included a very huge hiccup at the start, I’m finally in uk! Haha. The plane was delayed for about 15 mins at the start coz there was some engine problem and for the full 15 mins, there was NO aircon. It was so damn stuffy.

But the flight was beautiful. we flew over central asia and russia, over krakow and moscow and nuremberg. and as we approached heathrow and the plane began its descent, the city lights came into view and it was spectacuar. it was exactly how i envisioned it to be, right out of the movies.

So, i basically fell asleep the whole flight here and only woke up after all the meals were served. Haha. Still managed to get my rightful share of food eventually. So now I’m in a lil café here at the airport waiting for the warwick pickup service to start at 8, and I don’t know what the time is now. Shall ask the counter girl.

So yes. The last 24 hours were mindblowing. The truth has finally sunk in that I’m now in the uk and am about to embark on another stage in life, a stage I’ve been looking forward to and planning for in the last 8 months or so. It was a tearful farewell at changi airport, no thanks to my mum. And thank you all for being there. The clique – denzil, cass, chew, Daniel, claud and qian. The platoon – cpt alex, warrant eric, pk and andre. The others like cj, cpt eric, dingwen, jie wei, wei shu, joyce. Thank you all for coming down, and for the presents.

It was hard walking through the gates. It meant severing ties that were grown and bred back home temporarily for 9 months or so. 9 months can change a lot of things. People and friendships. It was intimidating walking through the gates looking as if nothing was holding me back. There were so many things pulling me back and I knew I had to let go just to pursue what dreams awaited for me here. It’s scary, but I know 9 months down the road, I’ll be back with the same bunch of people, and like jun ren said, friendships aren’t made to be broken that easily. Friendships aren't sustained merely through constantly meeting up, but it goes way beyond that. I’m trying my best to stay in contact with all the friends left behind hoping that I do not become a mere memory.

It was amazing to see who came to see me off.

Friends from Chinese high council like wei shu were there. I know han jie tried to come down but he was caught up with something else. They reminded me of the bestest school days one could ask for back in Chinese high, where everything seemed so much simpler and smaller then. It was also a time when things were always taken care of back in secondary school. Very reassuring. And there were the council days and the endless work to be done. Very fulfilling.

And then there were the bmt buddies dingwen and jie wei, it was nice seeing them there again, reminding ourselves of our foolish endeavours back in bmt that saw dingwen flying across the room in the middle of the night. Haha. And he appeared tonight with a bandaged leg and in crutches! The effort put it to travel from tampines to the airport in that. Thanks dude.

And there was the platoon. Oh man. They made the last 10 months in 36 sce so memorable. I learnt so much from the older guys, and had so much fun with the younger dudes. Haha. My mahjong sessions with chew andre and james. The beach outings. And the latest craze, company of heroes, which I will attempt to learn. Who could forget the Thailand trip where so many people got drunk along with the endless shopping and bargaining? I still remember carrying fat ass chew on piggy back to the main road only to be rejected by taxi drivers who didn’t want a sorry drunk boy in their cabs. haha

And of course there was the clique. All our clubbing sessions. My mambo nights with chew esp!! Haha. And everything else, from qian’s gig to our one and only beach outing, to our failed attempt at a proper mahjong session at cass’ place coz we ended up teaching denzil and no money was involved. I’m gonna miss all you guys. And zouk, and dear dear farasha. My mushroom and cheese prata. Oh luat!! Haha.

It was nice tracing back how far I’ve come looking at all the friends who appeared, and all the friends who didn’t but somehow or another made an attempt to meet up in the last few days in Singapore.

There was the Chinese high clique- Kelvin jia kai and qing zhen, minus Xavier. Kushinbo on Saturday and a long long chat that involved hiding excess an fruit tart in the candle holder of the min hot pot, only to be found out by the waiter who asked me whether he could clear it. Haha. What embarrassment. Haha. I remember the days back in the boarding school, where in retrospect, seemed a lot like living in a bunk in the army. Haha. Minus the strict regulations, there were the PT sessions that involved running around the namly area and coronation road, and the gym sessions at the waterfront gym. Haha. There was the endless mugging prepping for the prelims and O’s. how we used to sneak out of the room to watch tv late at night at the pantry area. Haha. And how all three of my room-mates stripped me and threw me out of the room, making me walk up and down the corridor in my underwear. Haha.

There was the eti gang that basically consisted of the cbre guys. Haha. Dinner at fisherman’s wharf across central at Clarke quay. The fish looked small, but the batter made all of us so damn full after the whole meal. It was good seeing them all for the last time, bitching about people we didn’t like during our cadet days, and just reminiscing about all the gruelling exercises we had gone through. And now that we’ve commissioned, bitching about people we didn’t like at work. Haha. Notice how the cycles goes on and on. Amazing I tell you. Haha. It’s gonna be great seeing them a year later and hear more stories of how they’ve ord-ed and moved on to getting new temp jobs, while ppl like denzil jon and cj continue their noble service to the nation. Haha.

Ok. I still haven’t figured out the time yet, but I see people I red wearing the university of warwick orientation shirts and carrying placards that read orientation. Think that’s my call to go. The temperature outside’s 10 degrees centigrade. Haha. It’s warmer inside than outside. And did I say that there were 2 other guys on the plane wearing the same jacket as I am. Haha. The influence of zara. Haha. Ok. More updates when I’m finally settled in..

P.S. I’ve no way of uploading this entry to my blog now, so it’s gonna be backdated. I already miss you guys. And truth be told, I teared at the holdgate reading the messages all of you sent, and reading the note that came with the jacket. Thanks, for the memories, and the companionship. There’s so much left behind, but it’s time I created new ones without you guys, and you guys without me, and we’ll have so much to share the next time we meet. We’re all growing up. And I’ll be back a changed man.

lil miss grumpy

the council buddy

the girls.

platoon 3. hooyah!

36 dudes

bmt s*** c*** buddies

the clique

platoon 3 hq

mum all red and teary

the rare guest

bro. and the weird ntuc plastic bag. haha


RCK for the last time

everyone. thank you.