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rck once again

after a few months hiatus, rck is finally back in action. yesterday was a pretty well spent day. met chew and andre in the morning for brunch before heading down to comex. and we all bought the same digicam model, and they were all of the same colour! haha. it says a lot i guess, of what a beauty it must be. oh man. more camwhoring to come. yaay.

then it was to army open house with cpt alex and his wife to go support chew and the rest of the guys who were involved in the show segment. walked around abit and it was pretty exciting. haha. seeing the primus and pegasus and leopard tank and apache and chinook up close. and i was cheering like mad for the 36 guys when they came out in their roaring vehicles. i became even more esctatic when chew jumped out of the ied bus and the defender rolled off the ramp with such sexiness and sleekness. haha.

ooh la la.

10 minutes of fame.

ah fat.

hot shot! although chew looks like he has a paunch. haha

quickly rushed home after aoh to shower and change before heading down to mos for a guys night out with chew and denzil. smoove was at the main arena last night and though it was bigger, it was more packed. and i think the air con system was down and the whole bloody dancefloor was so warm it was choking and suffocating. sought temporary reprieve near the water curtain which was cooler. after boiling in the warm melting pot for a few hours, we scooted off to 54 in search of a cure for our mambo deprivation. it did offer some sort of comfort and happiness. they played rasputine by boney m! haha. i was going crazy up there man. haha

rck once again

foreground: lil boy in a toy shop with his newfound love
background: sadomasochist in action

crucified in sexiness

same phone same camera, but why does denzil's photo bring out the redness so clearly??

ok. i love the next 2 shots. absolute emo-ness. thank you denzil. haha

post clubbing, i remember telling chew that i needed to pen down whatever i spouted in the periods when alcohol takes the better of my mind, and mouth. haha. so i randomly keyed into my phone the things that i said to chew, and the thoughts that were toying with my mind.

"not being bothered by her.
severance of all emotional links.
6 is a sexy number.
intimidation of loneliness.
immensity of the unknown.
temptation of futility"

it's a compounding of alot of issues. i can't exactly ellaborate now coz my mind's not in a pensive mood yet. all i know right now, is that i'm very very apprehensive about uk. words can't describle this fluttering.

ok. off to a sweep!

“rck once again”