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nights of booze and partying

so it's been 5 days since i've arrived in this foreign land with its unimaginably cold weather. the friends made here have been mindbowing, never did i exer expect to be able to adjust and fit in so easily coz i mean, afterall, this is a foreign land and the brits and europeans are known to be stuck up and arrogant. but, the group that we hang out with, like diana constantly reminds us, seems like a scene pulled out of friends, the tv series. haha. we've a kazakhstan born russian girl, a german girl from konstanz, an american dude all the way from florida, and two of us singaporean guys. haha. it's really crazy, and we've gone about cooking and going out to coventry and oxford. the crazy things we do. and of course, the endless beers at my place and the merry making. haha

so yes. i'm adjusting to life well here. the weather's unthinkable, but the people are great. you can just talk to anyone on the bus coz they're all freshers, and they're international students! so yea. just came back from coventry and as much as the seniors say it's a boring place, the history's mindblowing. the cathedral was so awe-inspiring, it makes you stop to take in the scene and you feel the lump in your throat build up. the old cathedral was burnt down by incendiary bombs during world war two, so what's left are the walls and they look great. the new chapel was cool. with so much literary inference and relevance. i'll post pics soon!


“nights of booze and partying”