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mindblowing weekend

had every intention to blog yesterday but was called away early in the morning. more on that later. haha.

so saturday lunch was spent with the chinese high and nanyang councillors at new york new york. mini slc gathering i suppose. it was great to see so many of them after so long. ppl like han jie whom i haven't seen since he left delta for medicine. haha. and damien poon who i last saw while doing guard duty in nee soon camp. esther yeo whom i've not seen since i bumped into her along citylink mall some months back. it was great catching up with all of them.

it kinda reminded me of council days back in chinese high. the fond memories of council sai kang with han jie, cleaning up and painting the council room and running about the school getting stuff done. yes, there was shit work to do even back then. and damien poon, my fpp buddy. all the crazy meetings at the craziest of times. and the final showdown during slc, where we spent wild times in the boarding school and bringing all the foreign participants about singapore. who could forget us oversleeping on the convention day and having to endure han jie's blackest face the whole day. haha. it was fun. those days back when we were so much younger. now everyone's bogged down by one thing or another, school, army, what not.

it's good to take a memory trip back into time with people whom you've lost contact with. it's assuring to know that no matter how much time has passed, people still stay more or less the same. shared memories remain a part of its contributors. it was nice seeing all of them again, knowing that you've not been forgotten, and that they have never left your mind. their habits, their nuances, all a part of memory that affixes their attributes to identity.

on a lighter note, it was my first time at new york new york, never really got a chance to try it coz people highly discouraged it. but i got a good dish i guess. carbonara with roast chicken. excellent stuff. haha

what i insist is an awkward couple photo. they're not by the way. a couple. haha

han jie and his addiction to cotton candy

ai lin pretending to be camera shy. haha. i'm sure.

what poon calls a stepford wife. hmmm

what the bill came up to.

the 8th SLC organising committee. the whackiest ever.

after lunch, headed down to town to meet denzil jet and dex for 881. ok, i've gotta admit, i fell asleep at some parts of it, but but but, i caught most parts of it. i could even tell jet that the little papaya died of liver cancer. haha. beat that. so yes. hokkien is like the funniest dialect ever. thought that the star of the show weren't either of the papayas, nor the durians, but auntie ling, the roly-poly loud-mouthed and abrasive auntie. she was so natural and goddamn hilarious. haha. and someone explain the "techno" thing. haha. and may and choy are arguably to worst mandarin-speaking people on the planet. haha. their laser bras were very very madonna-ish. the cones and all, lasers included.

went to timbre to chill after the show and the beer was fine. food was good. music was better. company amazing. haha. so we were just talking about life thus far, and about everything else under the sun. again, it brought back memories of the times we had back in eti. those were the defining months in my army life where i spent the most memorable of times. the exercises and the turn-outs were tough to get through, but the people made all the difference. friendships are not forged easily, but the toughest times brought people all over the world together, fighting for a common goal. it's amazing how life makes a sport of people. i was telling dex how i didn't really like him back in chinese high and rj, but look where we are now. haha. the army really changes people, and alot of other things too.

los lonely boys.

dex - obviously drunk.

last one for the night

i woke on sunday morning to the smell of fried prawns and bak kut teh. it was 10.30 i think and after washing up, i snuggled myself on the sofa in front of the tv and started reading the papers. at around 10.50, the phone rang and my phone read "ops room". my mind froze for a while, my heart skipped a beat and i remembered i was EO. haha. and true enough, my 5th and final eod call for the year!! oh my god. i was elated. what a way to say goodbye to singapore and 36 sce. and though it took me away from what promised to be a sumptuous home-cooked meal, duty to the nation was of a greater importance. more important than a craving for bak kut teh. haha. and i had to eventually cancel on kelvin for our toa payoh lorong 7 oh luat dinner. damn.

dinner later with denzil jon and cj. one week left. 7 days.

“mindblowing weekend”