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lame ass jap horror films

lunched with jun ren today and exchanged overdue birthday presents. considering the fact that both our birthdays fall on the same date some time back in may, the presents we way way way overdue. and he got me a very very huge ass and humongous crumpler bee's knees bag. it's extremely and mind blowing huge you could probably fit like 10 laptops inside, complete with all its accessories. it's a huge and well-appreciated gift coz i foresee much use for it in uk. like he puts it, i can go grocery shopping in uk and stuff them all in and lug them around. yaay. i've a new bag! happiness.

lunched at carl's junior for the second time this week and stuffed my face with portobello mushrooms with extra sauce and mushrooms. such juiciness complete with yum yum chilli beef fries. tried our luck at the movie theatres and wanted to watch evan almighty but we were way pass showtime. so we settled for what jun ren said was a horror movie that made him turn off the tv when its trailer came on tv last night.

so imagine our surprise when the apartment 1303 started and its opening credits were all in japanese. and that marked the beginning of what was to be a terrible movie filled with cheap and so predictable scare scenes. it's become routine that almost certainly something will happen in the lift/toilet/balcony. at least movies like ju-on and the ring had a plot, plus enough scare factors, but apartment 1303 comprised of none. disappointing and a total waste of time.

headed home to pack but i stared at the empty luggage and did not know where or how to begin. so i left it as it was.


“lame ass jap horror films”