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i am bored.

tonight's mambo. hope the turn out's good. second last mambo.

yesterday was x ray at cmpb. waited for joyce and bought a new pair of skinnies! haha. dinner was eventually called off because she was working overtime but there was daniel thankfully. haha. downed mouthfuls of creamy creamy pasta. bought new shoes after that! haha.

12 days to go and most days are still spent in camp. i'm finally seeing the need to pull myself away from work and actually prepare myself for uk. packing's top priority. but what's there to pack if nothing has been bought?! and plans to meet with all the people who matter must materialise! because of work, it's limited to this weekend and next. parents are complaining that i'm not home often considering the fact that i'm flying in a week or so. so much to do, so little time.

tmr's the warwick's pre-departure day thing at sentosa. hope i wake up on time to head down to harbourfront. don't think i'll know anyone so i hope things don't get too awkward. haha.

empty. see, i told you.