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so from where i left of last entry, the first step out of the airport to the coach bay was greeted by a cold wind that wouldn't have felt out of place in a singapore shopping centre with its aircon on at full blast, but this was outdoors in the great open, and it felt chilly. so i boarded the coach, found a nice spot and dozed off. i awoke midway through to glance outt the window to see where i was and instead, overheard the girl next to me say "singapore" as well as "chinatown and little india" to her friend. so i turned, said hi to both of them, said that i was from singapore and we struck up the conversation. so from henceforth, we went about orientation pretty much together. johanna from germany and diana, the kazkhstani-russian. then there's the american dude who lives across my room who hails from florida and speaks with such a heavily accented english it's almost unrecognisable. and there's ming zheng from s'pore. haha.

so we travelled all about campus to look for tesco's to buy groceries, tolietries and all other nonsense. had a great day walking around the place trying to figure out our way around, and putting up with diana's endless dry humour while attempting to christian me "the spy" and ming zheng the fat noodle and matt (the american dude)a killer of ducks and squirrels. so we got lost, so what, we had lotsa fun. exploring the grounds, the forests and the lake and all the other hostels was fun. and plucking berries off the trees upon diana's persuasion coz she grew up in the mountains, and then eating them was hilarious. haha

had dinner at the union and that's where we started our drinks made alot of noise, drumming the table and howling like animals. haha. wild cats. then there was the traditional barn dance which featured some country band playing while people were guided through the whole dance sequence to it. left around 11 and walked the girls back to their dorm and now i'm here. all unpacked, washed up and clean. and falling asleep. haha. tmr's oxford. can't really type now coz of the fatigue, but here are the photos!

just as i imagined it to be

on the bus to warwick

home, for the next 9 months at least

ducks. they're all over campus i tell you

crazy loopy diana

on the way to johanna's place

when you have ducks like these on campus,

you get shit all over.

slacking in diana's room, which has her own personal toilet. unfair. haha

sexed up american bloke - matt

my first english sunset

that's why i said she's crazy. chasing ducks for dinner.

sunset once again, over the lake

barn dance!