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dinner last night with jon and cj. simple fare at thai express at city link, before heading off to menotti , an italian restaurant at raffles city, for wine and desserts, with a free margarita pizza thrown in. dinner was satisfying. extremely satisfying. and dessert wine's a refreshing new change coz it's much sweeter, not as bitter and slightly sparkly compared to normal red wine. complemented the desserts perfectly.

eod buddies

one for the night!

sentosa with the platoon today. met andre at harbour front who was glamourously late, but luckily marcus was there to drive all of us in. tanned for a bit before staff tay came with the food. basically everyone contributed some money to a pool and a buffet was catered for all of us. haha. but it was weird, a first even, that we had prawns and chilli crabs at a beach. haha. but no complaints man. beggars can't be choosers and i was damn hungry. took quite a bit of photos and then it was swimming and beach soccer and just alot of running around. haha. i'm damn burnt and every part of my body feels very raw and tender. haha. and jonathan didn't make it although he contributed the most since it was part of his incoming treat. he lost his wallet on the bus, along with my isac card!! and the powerpoint presentation that i'm gonna use during tmr's briefing's in it! fuck. so i've to go back to camp early to redo them. fuck. but you've gotta sympathise with jon lar. his wallet gone, and he didn't even get to make it for his very first outing with the platoon. that's gonna suck. headed down to cathay with some of them. they were playing company of heroes and i went to learn. haha. finally got home and am now lying on my bed trying to ease the burning sensation.

mr. lancer.

the platoon warrant.

thailand buys. the shades i mean. not the guys. haha. and andre, don't suck in your tummy. haha

the 3SGs.

the team commander who gave me my last bomb call and the scheme c captain.

finally, platoon 3! hooyah!

washed up