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phuture was terrible last night, horrifying to say the least. the claustrophobia and the unruly misdemeanours of the ah bengs and ah lians who roam the dance floor in search of a temporary sexual satisfaction was a total turn off. found myself outside by 2 in the morning with cass and i became uncle agony for an hour or so. then i lost my debit card and marcus drove me safely back to camp, blasting mambo music in his while we danced to it, bobbing up and down and singing our lungs out, or at least i did. haha.

but truth be told, phuture was hunting ground for the miscreants of society, guys who seek pleasure in hounding and cornering anything that had boobs and gyrated. they were like golden streaked hair vultures with ultra bling who swop in onto dead carrion, just that this one moves and emanates a distinctively femminine presence that turn limp rods hard.

however, in starking contrast, the kinda people we met at the arts house earlier yesterday when we went to support qian and her band were of a total different class like i told chew and cass. it was a local bands gig and the music and talent was astounding. qian's lead singer was like 18 years old but his voice was damn strong. and ATC was fantastic. simply put, ATC's a band that's purely instrumental without vocals and the music sufficed to evoke emotions of love lost and love gone. the pain, the anger and the emptiness all compacted within the music of the instruments. tears welled up in my eyes. they were that good.

and the crowd was so much tamer, albeit fashion-wise they wouldn't go down that well with the mainstream public. the people represented a subculture, totally unlike the ah bengs ah lians (ABALs) of MOS and zouk. the skinnies, the bright neon shirts, the stockings, the high pants. it was an independent statement of teenage vibrancy and identity. carving their niche and place in this land, a generation that sought inspiration from indie brit music and culture. i think between the ABALs and the Subculture-ists, i choose the latter. not for their insanely loud and over-the-top fashion sense, but for their embracement of life and flambuoyancy and most importantly, spontaneity.

i'm hooked.