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all packed, i think

so wednesday's mambo night was superbly brilliant, mind blowing in every sense of the word. the kiangs, thiam aik, max, daniel and co were all there. everyone was a lil tipsy and high, read this cass and qian. haha. excellent music amongst the greatest of company. mambo is seriously the bestest shit around and nothing comes remotely close to it. haha.

at first there were two.

then three.

and finally there were four. check out max acting cute. haha

and so the story goes.

there was once a man, an extremely grumpy man who found no love from the one he loved.

so one fine day she showed some love,

only to find he loved another

when cass starts to look like claud. haha

and when qian looks like, erh, qian? haha

so i woke up extremely late on thursday. 12.30 to be exact. i was supposed to meet the warwick people at sentosa at 1 but i figured since it was already so late, i might as well skip it altogether. so halfway into my mid-day meal, one of the warwick seniors called me and asked to join them for the bbq. so i thought why not since i was on leave. packed my stuff and headed down. got lost for quite a bit and finally found them at siloso beach near the luge. played the last game with one team and then headed to the costa sands resort for the bbq.

it was a fruitful day i guess. a mini get together for the freshers to interact with not only the seniors, but with each other as well. met future house mates and course mates and plans have been made amongst ourselves to go about orientation together. and we're gonna do spanish together as a core module! and i got myself a cook who takes the form of a rj junior and she's gonna take care of the cooking while i provide the raw stuff, sauce and the cleaning services. haha. we're so gonna party all day there. the seniors were a great help too. providing information about every single last detail, from living to shopping to partying to getting a phone line. it was nice sitting there, all sticky and hot in the still night, just talking and making plans. i'm so looking forward to flying suddenly. all the apprehension and uncertainty set aside temporarily.

today was work back in camp as usual, nothing more other than the fact that the enlistees pissed me off so badly during pt we did extra pt under my close and watchful guidance. haha. and now my abs hurt when i sneeze or laugh. haha. left early to collect my visa and oh man, i look like a guy high on drugs in my visa photo. haha. met my mum for dinner and managed to fleece her of certain essentials that needed to be packed into my luggage. haha. bought packets of sauces and instant mixes and and other brick and brack to bring over and satiate all singaporean cravings. haha. made new specs and bought a year's supply of daily contacts too!

came home and started packing. and i've gotta admit i overestimated what a 31 inch luggage can contain. stuffed whatever i could in and it's almost overflowing and i'm still not done!! oh man. gonna re-pack next week when i've more things to put in. packing's a chore. but, the excitement's swelling and rushing to my head. the next week's gonna come and go and before i know it, monday the 24th will come and off i go.

tmr's lunch with the chinese high and nanyang councillors!! mini slc gathering. yaay.

i'm counting down the days. ahhhhh. someone quell this excitement and ecstasy in me pronto.

“all packed, i think”