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the week recapped

ok. i haven't had the time to pen down the ongoings of the last few days coz of my busy busy schedule. lets work backwards and start with today.

so this morning was the army half marathon, otherwise known as ahm more affectionately. after running 21.1 km, i think my knees are pretty much busted and my calves are incredibly sore. disregarding my great dislike for tiger balm, i have decided to use the tiger balm muscle rub i found at home to soothe the throbbing pains. as revolting as the smell was, the relief, even though temporary, was god-sent. so now i'm at home lying on my bed as i type this, and half-heartedly watching the count of monte cristo on channel 5. yet in retrospect, i'm amazed by how i got myself through the whole run. i mean it stretched from the marina bay area to fort road and then east coast park. of course there was the turning point we had to run back. so after a morning of excruciating mental and physical exertion, chew and i rewarded ourselves with brunch at carl's junior. portobello mushroom with added mushrooms cannot be faulted on any count. haha.

yesterday morning was spent in camp after handing over DO duty to maureen. after which was a sweep at singpost in paya lebar. spent some time reading my overdue time magazines and entertaining myself with the beauty i call my ipod nano red. haha. had a hearty dose of local food in the form of curry chicken for lunch. and like i was discussing with leslie, there's this very distinctive taste and flavour that makes singapore curry so unique and flavourful. almost nonya-like with the thick taste of coconut milk. it's not the same as indian curry, which is a lil thinner and dilute, something which he said i will get an ample supply of in uk. was done by 4 plus and went back to camp to wash up. had dinner with joyce and we walked about abit, talking and exploring tampines mall and century square, and in the midst of our post dinner adventure, found hidden havens of good delectable food that we promised to try next time. walked her home and then cabbed back to camp.

friday was spent mostly in camp because i was DO. nothing much happened i guess except for commanders training where co sneakily suggested i do a presentation, due to the nature of my course in warwick, on the unstable condition of southern thailand and possibly postulate the spread of terrorist technology and intention southwards to malaysia and eventually to singapore. to which i flatly declined. duh. haha.

thursday was my platoon block leave and it was spent mostly with my parents coz we had to head down to cmpb to sign my study deed, which reaffirms the fact that i am now officially and duty bounded to the saf, and more importantly, to the nation. had every intention to head down to the uk visas centre in robinsons road to finally make an application for my visa, but alas, i had to forget to bring my passport out. haha. so we had dimsum for lunch at yan palace restaurant which was so-so only. finally bought my luggage too which is mother-freaking huge i think my mum will make full use of the space available and stuff it to the brim.

wednesday was a day of sleaze and booze. i won't go into the embarrassing and somewhat awkward details of the sleaze part. just know that it was spent in some LS ktv lounge in the heartlands of sleaze and that it was a farewell party for cpt alex julian and myself. plenty of booze i assure you. plenty of singing i assure you. and plenty of sleaze, contributed mainly by the older regulars and pk. haha. it was the after that was the highlight. mambo mambo mambo! the turn out was excellent. the kiangs, chew, the hors and co, marcus, cedrick, the rare guest daniel and claud! haha. phuture was a total turn off but soughting refuge in mambo was an excellent choice. although only chew marcus and myself drifted there while the rest remained at phuture. some drama on the dance floor which involved cass and claud breaking down. so chew and i had to dance and 'perform' at the entrance of zouk that links to phuture just to cheer the girls up but to a lukewarm response. i swear, we looked like absolute fools. the things we do to cheer our friends up. haha. and to the guy who groped claud, i hope some tranny gropes your manhood and gives it a huge enough tug to lug it off. and there were plans to go back into phuture to hunt the guy down and fight him using a dustbin, especially one from the female washroom that's full of used sanitary pads. haha. the genius that came up with the plan. haha. me! :)

ended up at phuture towards the end and i was seriously bored to tears, bobbing to music that was such a turn off. daniel had his hands full with his ntu girl who was on any count, not very skinny. haha. had supper with them at farasha's and turns out she and her friend were from ntu mass comm. i of course, wasn't very patient with the uncles and i was giving them random names like gopal and raja and kumar, hoping to draw their attention so that they could clear the plates on the table but to no avail. haha. and to think i was nice enough to call his shop by its true name, farasha, and not simply a nameless 'the prata shop opposite zouk'. haha.

finally, i shall conclude this entry by saying that i'm amazed by people who actually read my blog and can actually quote me in a private email sent quite recently. it was basically an email to vilify me for what i've done and the false claims that i make. all i can say was that i found the email highly amusing and entertaining. more than 6 months have passed since that night, and a certain someone still insists on harping about things that have happened. i want no part in this rumour conspiracy and i cannot be bothered with words that bear no meaning any longer. thinking back, it was a farce, the three years together. why i didn't see it earlier i have no answer, but all i can say is that i'm glad it's over and that it didn't have to wait till things were cast in stone (read marriage. i don't even know why i entertained such a foolish thought). i hate it when people pretend they know so much about my life now just by reading my blog or through facebook and friendster. things aren't what they seem to be sometimes. again, i must say, that email made my day. haha. so thank you.

ok. long week ahead. 29 days to go!

“the week recapped”