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new love

my newest love.

sexiness defined. dig it andre. haha.

anyway, been busy the whole of yesterday and this morning with conducting chemical defence training for the new guys in the unit. there were quite a few hiccups while jonathan assumed his first role of conducting officer in platoon 3. yes yes, i'm slowly handing over my duties to him, but in the process, i'm still being handed duties coz cpt alex's leaving too. so for a period of time, i'm suppose to stand in for pc while i hand over my platoon 2ic duties to jonathan who will permanently take over on 24th september. haha. and let me reiterate i DO NOT see the point and purpose in doing a declaration after using the stf. seriously. it was a joke lar.

arrived back in camp around 11 in the morning today and then headed out with the team to pasir laba camp for the army open house rehearsal. went to observe what they've been up to the last few days, as well as to provide some moral support coz they've been working very very hard. it was impressive i guess, the whole mobile display. people were impressed with the defender and tcv and some colonel from armour even approached us after the rehearsal to tinker with the defender. there were a few segments that needed tweaking which will be worked on during the upcoming few rehearsals.

anw, i'm going overseas next week for an 'exercise'. can't disclose the location or the date coz it's confidential, but yeap. it's my first one and it's a privilege coz they normally don't send junior officers. yaay. haha. in fact, they're sending those who are leaving the unit (i'm going off to study while cpt alex and julian are posting out) this time around. mwahahaha. so exciting.

mambo tmr. i've counted and there are 4 more weeks of mambo for me. however, out of these 4 weeks, i'm only available on two coz of shafting training and my overseas exercise. haha. so 2 more mambo nights to go!!

“new love”