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mambo night, not

it's wednesday night, and i'm not going for mambo. ahh. why why. and i'm booking in later coz my flight's pretty early tmr. ahh.

and i'm drowning in work. there's just so much things to do that never seem to end. i mean, next week's shafting and it's gonna take the whole week. and after that's standby, and then it's poyan demolition live firing. there's no time to take a breather, and i've still gotta prepare so much stuff for uk. my visa's not done. my hsbc account's still not set up. and warwick's just sent in all the payment details and enrolment crap that's a chore to go through coz there's just so much to do. we need longer working days.

and i've been feeling emo these days. i think it's the workload. and the impending move to uk. the apprehension that grips me is suffocating. not ignoring the overwhelming preparation that needs to be done. truth be told. i'm scared. of leaving behind all the friends, all that i've built up in the last 20 years. saw jun ren and a whole bunch of others back at eti and over breakfast, i realise i won't be seeing these people that much in a few weeks time. i'm gonna leave it behind for 3 years and embark on a totally foreign journey. it's scary and i'm feeling the jitters. someone ground me.

and i'm absolutely addicted to this song. first heard it at chew's house. note that it's a song of a "summer love that is shortlived but kind of, you hold on to". i think i'm sinking into its trap now. pull me out, someone.

and the jonas brothers are starting to grow on me.

“mambo night, not”