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the great escape

been a pretty uneventful week. ran 16 click yesterday and my knees and calves are dying now. stayed in the whole week and ate alot of changi v food, monday with daniel. tuesday cpt eric bought food back. wednesday with derek. haha. oh luat all three days in a row. i'm so going to grow fat and die. haha. but like i've theorised, the only way to minimise the longing and craving for singapore food when i'm in uk, is to eat as much as i can get now until i'm sick and tired of it, such that i never wanna see another plate of oh luat before me ever.

yesterday was the commander cbre dg change of command parade. pretty cool seeing all the old men who have retired turn up to sorta send him off, and welcome the new guy. it's really a close knit family, the whole brigade. it being relatively new and small, everyone knows each other. they were the pioneers of the brigade as they sought to integrate our already present eod/ied capabilities together with the new cbr chapter. i shan't digress into who plays a bigger role in our current ops as it will be termed too political. yes, there are politics everywhere, and a wrong word would ensnare you in a mesh of untold lashbacks. but it was a heartwarming scene looking at all these retired fellows who still retain so much experience and are still so attached to their parental units, be it 36 or 39. a mini gathering of sorts as they all regaled each other with tales of yore over the army's favourite drink, tiger beer. haha. it's amazing how much alcohol their old and frailing livers can take. i wonder 10 years down the road, when i met up with friends who are nsfs now, how they would have turned out like. will victor and andre have grown white and fat? and denzil and others like calvin quek? haha. time is a scary thing. for instance, 10 years ago, i would never have imagined a career in green would be something that i really wanted. it's a wonder, how time and circumstances can change people and mindsets.

ok. it's a night out with joyce later, and tmr, a night out with the regular partying people. we're expecting full attendance coz it's been a very very long time since we partied together. plus i just got my hsbc supp card! mwahahahaha. and i'm still quite miffed over the no-show of my ipod nano red delivery-man. he was supposed to send it yesterday between 6-9 but he has yet to materialise. just called the company to make some noise. hope they deliver it today. life's good these days. next week's cd fam training and then it's block leave. platoon farewell party for cpt alex, julian and myself the usual platoon 3 way, at some LS ktv lounge much to the dismay of all the nsfs, including myself. haha. but it's mambo together after that for almost half the platoon, while the older group heads to fly. haha. happiness. i'm gonna miss my platoon when i leave.

* book the date. 24th sept. goodbye singapore, hello uk :)

and i'm in love with my new found joy called anime, which takes the form of bleach. a lil late, but it's good so who cares. haha

“the great escape”