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busy busy saturday

intended to go swim yesterday morning before heading down to the uk pre-departure fair but i woke up late. haha. need to start swimming again, and to regain my tan, that is almost already not there, before i blossom into a big fat white chicken with a quadruple chin in uk. haha.

so i was late to meet wei liang dingwen and cj at city hall. walked to suntec and at the convention hall while i was talking to the girl from warwick, vidhya sprung up from behind with her very uniquely and typical vid-ish squeal and giggle. haha. oh man, i miss that girl. haven't seen her in ages since she left for southampton last year and now, we're ALL gonna be living under the union jack in a month's time, sipping tea and eating english muffins and scones. haha. spent alot more time talking to her rather than walking around and checking out the booths. didn't even step into the ballroom for the seminar coz all that were being covered had been touched on at the warwick reception at conrad a few weeks back. saw quite a few familiar faces from rj, and even surprisingly, debbie from yc who was going to cambridge. now meeting her was quite embarrassing coz she looked at me and called out my name and i just stared back at her, wondering silently in my head who the hell she was. and even dai jing, the female sms scholar from engineers was there.

then it was lunch/tea at the hong kong cafe at marina square. food's pretty ok and we ended up sitting around and talking alot about investments, and our future careers in the saf(me), scdf(dingwen) and dsta(wei liang). and of course, the endless plans for wei liang to start up an independent private company with his masters in triple e and to sell a wireless OA system to the army, making his company the sole provider of such a service complete with a yearly upgrading and maintenance check. that's bound to roll in moolah for the company coz as i found out from dingwen, sfi is the fifth most profitable company in singapore. haha. damn. and look at the food they're serving us in the cookhouse and the price attached to each meal, no wonder they're raking in the millions.

so yes, sitting there in a lil cosy corner of the hong kong cafe, i couldn't help but see how diverse our paths will be after we leave the army and move on to uni. a career in the army for me. how far am i gonna go in the armed forces? i wanna go to israel and volunteer with the israeli defence force eod for a year or two. it'll probably add alot of crediblility to my portfolio considering the fact that israel's constantly at war with its neighbours and the eod/ied threat is a real threat to the nation. yet the question's when will i get such an opportunity? am i going to dedicate my whole life to the combat of terrorism and to the field of bomb disposal? and there's dingwen, our second scdf overseas scholar in the history of singapore. he's gonna be our future chief of scdf. haha. and wei liang, who's pretty much more or less convinced that after 6 years in dsta he'll be ready to pack his bags and leave the organisation. our paths will take a different turn the moment we step out of uni, and the only thing's that gonna hold us together is the friendship and memories we have of today. it's amazing to see our futures already formulating themselves before us. it's like a trickle of water seeping through the crevices of a dried up river bed as it slowly spreads open into full view at its mouth. a constant growth of untold potential.

our late afternoon soiree ended around 6 and i went to meet chew cass and qian for dinner at raffles city. shopped a bit with chew first coz the girls were late and finally allowed myself to indulge in the great singapore sale at river island. thing was, coz it was almost the end of the sale, there wasn't much left to buy. all the odd sizes were left and the designs weren't very nice. wanted to buy a pair of shoes there but the only one that fitted me had a small tear at the straps. ahh. and it was a pair of white shoes with 3 velcro straps! something i've been looking for in quite a while. ended up just buying a simple tee. dinner was at sushi tei. simple catching up and a short cam whoring moment at the runway-like entrance. haha. wanted to go clubbing but a certain someone forgot to bring her keys out. and another someone insisted on heading for free flow at home club. and a certain someone wanted to go to paulaners but was met with disapproval for the girls. and another someone was insisting that he was in shorts and strongly refuted ideas to go buy jeans for the purpose of clubbing. haha. so we all left for home. too many people were missing from the group this time round. haha.

i do not have any idea what the hell was running through chew's mind when we took this photo. and cass, stop zooming in to my tummy coz it's FLAT and ROCK SOLID! quit being jealous.

and i couldn't decide which of the following 2 was nicer, so i thought what the hell and uploaded both. haha

anw, i just came back from brunch with my parents at crystal jade. ahhh. the har kao is so goddamn nice. haha. super uber fresh prawns.

“busy busy saturday”