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and so i'm back

back from Kae aL. i think it's ok now that i'm back to openly say where i went. was a short trip there. half of it was spent on work. the remaining free time we had was spent in berjaya times square and chinatown. tried a chinese massage, which i swear was a reputable and clean one and man was it good. still preferred the thai ones but this one was different. and since i strained my back slightly the day before i flew off, it was a good way to ease the pain, albeit the chinese oil caused some olfactory discomfort. haha.

food was cheap, definitely. but shopping kinda sucked. in fact, it sucked terribly. and since time wasn't on our side, there was no way we could properly party and explore the country, especially Kae aL zoook. haha. damn. and i was searching for krispy kreme but to no avail. sorry cass. haha. spent the better half of friday morning lazing by the poolside and basking in the warm late morning sun.

short as it was, it's an opportunity that i should be grateful for since it was my first 'exercise', and junior officers don't usually get the chance. haha. so it was a good end to the week. the next week beckons and shafting looms closer. i just need to get through the week and i'll be a sane man. haha.

photos will be up when pk passes them to me. comex tmr! my new digicam awaits.

“and so i'm back”