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long islands that kill

and so it was a night of mambo yesterday, with the not so regular gang this time round. haha. went with peiyi and dingwen and ended up with shawn lee and kai pin. haha. couldn't resist the temptation of mambo after being deprived of alcohol and good music since i left for the godforesaken land. mambo was deliriously good, partly due to the overwhelming dose delivered by that 1 jug of long island. peiyi took one jug, i took the other. and boy was that a bad choice. my dear friend ended up puking outside zouk and some stranger actually took his phone to call me outside to help the poor dude out. haha. threw him into a cab with the help of kai pin, not before witnessing him drown himself in puke and watch him vomit all over his hand. now i know how i must have looked like at qian's house the last time round, and what chew and daniel had to go through.

man, i love mambo. it was crazy and so damn fun. haha. and i'm starting to pick up the hand movements. mambo mambo mambo. there's the iguana's and phuture date tmr with the regular gang again. finally. yaay.

and so today was spent helping my grandparents move from my place to my uncle's. that means i'm gonna get back my old room, and that means i'm gonna get my air con back, not that i really need it, but yeap, i'll get my nice old blue room back.

i can't help but think of the thailand trip that's coming up. and i also can't help but think of my cadets who are in eti now. there seems to be a bond and fondness that i've developed for this amazing bunch of cadets. i just wanna see them get through the tough training in eti and commission at the end. i think the emotional attachment stems from the fact that they've made such a huge influence in my life, and that they've been able to shed some light on an aspect of officership that i've never seen before. it's a wake up call, not so much an epiphany, but an awakening. i do not think of it as mere gratitude, but a genuine friendship of sorts. press on guys.

so yes. back to camp tmr. was actually allowed to take off tmr, but ops room had to call me this afternoon and tell me that i've a sweep in the morning tmr at the most ungodly of places. damn. at least there's the night to look forward to! :)

mr wang. pissed drunk boy.

“long islands that kill”