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crazy weekend

yesterday was the national day parade ne show, catered for primary 5 kids all over singapore. given tickets by a very kind friend, we decided to go catch it as a display of affectionate patriotism and of partial curiosity over what it was gonna be like at the marina bay platform. so the people in attendance were the kiangs, qian, the hengs, wei liang and myself! haha. met the kiangs and qian at gelare first, gorged out on waffles and ice cream before heading to the floating platform. met alot of people along the way, most of them were from 30 and they were on duty. walked in to our seats and again, saw even more people. chief, commander and co were all there.

ndp this year proved to be very much different compared to those of yesteryears. the constraints of the floating platform were maximised by the performers, and the ingenious use of the existing terrain, like the sheares bridge and the surrounding waters, added an excellent touch to the whole show. the parade was ok, all the girls fell in love with the white uniforms of the navy people. the dyanamic defence display was the highlight of the show i guess. the chinook hovering a few metres over the water and the naval divers leaping off it into the water, and the navy and police coast guard fast craft demonstrating their speed and agility in the waters was WOW. of course, there were the commandos and their leap off the sheares bridge, rappelling head first into the water. and the apaches and the salute. i guess it was a display of magnificience and power to the non-military personnel watching the show. an assurance to the public that our national defence is in good hands perhaps, a celebration of 40 years of ns maybe, but it definitely did entertain and inspire a sense of pride in in-service personnel, knowing that you're part of this strong and steadfast force.

the fireworks were breathtaking as usual. yet, wei liang said something that stuck with me. we were all so caught up taking photos to retain the momentary beauty of the fireworks, that sometimes, we miss out on the essence and real beauty of the few seconds that it lingers on. i pondered upon it for a while, and half heartedly agreed. on one hand, you don't wanna lose sight of the temporal flash of light and beauty, yet on the other, you wanna capture it down so that the moment stays with you for life. opportunity cost i say. but, i'm a sentimental person. i choose to store and retain memories in factual and real objects, for memory might fail us one day, and these material items will serve its purpose to remind and transport you back to that memory in time.

the kiangs, qian and me. all hyped up.

getting into the mood of things

made in singapore. born and bred through and through.

ghastly green monster.

a nation celebrates

lost and weary souls.

last one for the day.

bits and pieces from the show:

the location was perfect, in the heart of the financial district, next to the vibrant arts hub that we know as the esplanade, opposite a future that is to be known as the Integrated Resort, in front of what will become the Singapore Eye. haha. the skyline may never match up to that of hong kong or london, but it's what make it singaporean and that's what gives form to an identity.

mahjong with jet wei liang and max after that and i lost big. kept feeding jet and lost non stop. jet kindly offered to drive us to the bus stop after we finished at 6, as a sincere form of apology and a chance to show off the fact that he's gotten his licence 2 weeks ago. skeptics we were at first, me and max, but he proved us wrong and drove us safely to the bus stop in one piece. haha. slept till two in the afternoon before heading out again.

met qian and chew and the kiangs for shisha at arab street. fine, it wasn't exactly at arab street, baghdad street, but close enough. slacked around and ate and smoked. gave new meaning to chilling out like the rest said. haha. sundays never felt so slack, although i was nursing a terrible flu. cam whoring moments with the whole gang. if only life could be this way everyday. although i was feeling all emo and angsty, the music there didn't exactly uplift my spirits coz it was to the tune of emo days. haha. a sleazy life of drugs without alcohol. addicts we are not.

today, it was


in a lil place known as al-sheikh

days of being emo:


RCK once again.

mindblowing. the hardcore addict.

this car actually had this sticker on it. the words decepticon were printed on its side. haha

goodbye to a day of potpourri smoke, friends and mindless banter.

it's back to work tomorrow. more things to do for senang. it's been one helluva a weekend. playing hard means i'm all geared up for the week to come, or so i hope.

dreaming of thailand. and uk. and the vatican city. haha.

“crazy weekend”