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busy busy day

thursday was a killer. ran 12 click and my foot's aching like hell, even now. i'm limping if that's bad enough. was caught up to my neck doing stuff for pulau senang live firing. senang's a bitch, so much admin work to do. had to head down to tengah air base for a meeting with the eod flight people before cpt alex sent me home. haha. had a quick shower and changed, then headed down to conrad hotel to meet ben for the university of warwick reception. met up with the year twos and the year ones-to-be. haha. it was a mini gathering of sorts, the international office people were there and there was a briefing to prepare the freshies, peppered with snippets of stories about life there in general. mingled, ate, talked. now, i'm all geared up and excited about uni life. just applied for uni orientation and it's burning a hole in my pocket to the tune of 90 pounds, that's 270 sing dollars mind you. haha. but what the hell lar. and according to the seniors, my course is one of the slackest around. apparently it only clocks 7 hours of lectures a week! haha. they say that means i'll be sleeping and partying alot, coz that's like the only thing to do around campus. haha. i'm all hyped up i tell you. with one pound beer all around, i think i'll grow a beer belly there. and i've made plans for christmas this year, or so i think. since the whole of europe's so connected, and people like ben keep regaling me with tales of his trips to belgium italy and all (he says it's possible to live on 10 euros a day), i've decided i wanna spend a real christmas in the vatican city. i can't wait. just imagine, the cathedrals and the lights and christmas carols, in the home of catholicism. although i'm no pious catholic, or a subscriber to any religion, christmas is still a time to just soak up the love and feel the warmth of the season. 2 more months before i fly! my ecstasy cannot be contained. haha.

friday was spent doing more stuff for senang. think it's gonna be this way the whole of next week. senang's the week after and then it's bangkok!! a much deserved break from work and singapore. definitely need to mambo next week before senang and thailand.

and today, there's the ndp ne show! haha. jonathan got us tickets so we're going. after that's mahjong at wei liang's place tonight. busy busy day.

updates tmr! :)

“busy busy day”

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