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busy busy busy

pulau senang prep has kept me totally, utterly, impossibly and absolutely busy the last few days in camp. it's just a simple demolition live firing exercise that happens to occur on an offshore island and because of that mere fact, the endless logistical troubles and admin overload that comes with it is one helluva nightmare. haha.

but i managed to squeeze some time out for mambo last night. went with jet heng sebas jon foo and max. i'm still thinking of the prata i had before we went in. feeling hungry all of a sudden. anw, i think the whole of rj was there! we bumped into so many people you would have thought it was a rj party. and mambo is seriously like the most fun shit around i tell you. no words can describe the high you get dancing to old disco numbers. it's such a happy feeling with all the hand movements and all the jumping around and all the laughter. haha. phuture and rnb feels more like a battleground, all the guys vying for the attention of the girls around them, where claws come out if one guy trespasses another's meat, or at least marked out property. haha.

anw, i'm like watching the new channel 8 army drama series on tv now. it's damn kinky i tell you. how the two captains and two warrant officers are like flirting with each other in camp. oooh. haha. what if i marry a uniformed girl one day? won't that mean we'll have so much in common? things that we can actually relate to each other in everyday life. i mean, not everyone will actually bother to listen to you go on and on about your work in the army, and having a like minded person to spend the rest of your life with would mean that there'll be someone who'll always empathise with what you're going through at work. but that kinda makes your life view a lil bit myopic coz you're just so preoccupied with the military that you externalise the outside world.

but hell. hot chicks in uniform are a total turn on. haha. i don't believe i just said that.

and if felicia chin was my oc, i'd find an excuse to go to her office everyday. haha.

9 days to thailand!!

“busy busy busy”