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today's a wednesday night, and that probably correlates to mambo night in alot of people's minds, much less mine. but i'm refraining myself from the drunken drudgery that has somehow become a constant in my life every week, be it a wednesday, friday or saturday night. so i've declined invitations from heng and jet and fahyik, and have even postponed shisha to sunday coz i was feeling all lazy. mambo has thus been pushed to next week, partly because tonight's the launch of the mambo jambo cd and the whole world will probably turn up and jam pack the dance floor, a privilege that i've been entitled to the last few mambo nights.

note to self: time to start wakeboarding. it's been a month since the last session. mahjong on saturday night. shisha on sunday. life's good. thank you very much.

anw, the world's going on a mad rampage these days. you read and see so much disaster and wreckage that's happening all around the globe, and you can't but help what we're sinking ourselves into. the japan earthquake, the crazy floods in new zealand and china, and today, there was the plane that veered of the runway in sao paolo, brazil and crashed into a building that killed all 176 passengers. the decimation, the devastation, the mindless destruction. is it a warning that foretells of an impending doom that is to come? a faithless man i am, i don't ascribe to the words of the bible or the koran or any other religious literature. are we the victims of our own aspirations and creations - our technology and science? our over zealous ambitions? is it our own undoing that has gotten us where we are now? has what was supposed to enable us, disabled the earth's natural mechanisms? all the world's interconnected by not only the spirit of humanity, but by the ground we tread on and the air we breathe. each step leaves a mark on a common soil that is stained by the bloodbaths of soldiers, militants and innocents in iraq. the air is filled with the scintillating scent of sighs and screams of futility and desperation fuelled by the helpless who perish under nature's ire.

like the black eyed peas once sang, where is the love?


  1. Blogger jacqueline Says:

    i learnt 1 wake grab today hahha:)

    bring ur friends down to support