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the wedding

i just had to put this picture up first, to show the world why i want a military wedding. and that was taken outside the restaurant at clarke quay, in the middle of the walkway where everyone just stopped and stared. totally attention seeking. tourists stopped to ask what was happening. we all felt like stars, albeit feeling a lil awkward too.

so i reached the restaurant at around 4 for the rehearsal. everyone was hyped up, especially the groom. the excitement was bristling in the air and it was going all around. so we did a few rehearsals with the restaurant crew staring agape. then we changed into our number ones and started the long and tedious wait till the start of the dinner. of course there was the massive photo whoring coz denzil and i had our camera phones! special thanks to bobo who helped with the photo taking when we were all caught up with the rehearsals and ceremony.

and the food was good. there was the usual free flow of alcohol. haha. the beer was exceptionally sweet, apparently it's an in-house special brew and it was so much better than lao hu beer. then there was wine. and i had to help the groom drink the half glass of cordon bleu coz he couldn't take it anymore. haha. even the bride was damn garang lar. she could hold her liquor pretty well, i think much better than my boss lar. haha. and we were sitting at the same table as major ong! for the uninitiated, he was my oc at eti during my cadet days and he was, and still is, one of the most feared man around. but then again, he's one man whom i respect alot for his knowledge and skills. it was stressful at the beginning being at the same table as the eti instructors but it didn't turn out that bad, though conversation was a lil contrived.

so after the dinner, we went partying. even pk went! haha. so it was chew marcus peter pk and me! but the crowd and music sucked. totally. but marcus made us drink somemore, something called samboca. you basically pour half a shot of it into your mouth while someone else lights it up using a lighter, and your mouth goes ablaze! haha. i had three half-shots lar. it tasted like mouth wash and chew said it was absinthe but i didn't see the green fairies! left damn early coz we were all damn bored. i'm sticking to zouk and phuture from now on.

ok. my brain's not exactly working properly so i'll let the photos do the talking. i think they easily convey how it was yesterday. my head's aching and there's mahjong at cass' house in 3 hours time. ahh.

the early birds with the eager groom.

getting ready with the buddy.

the arch.

all ready with denzil.

platoon 3. hoo-ya! (and i lost my ippt badge. shit)


yet another rck shot.

the young ones of platoon 3.

all outside mos. what's with the kiss chew.

the older dudes. also the regulars.

the younger dudes. only one regular.

chew chew.

andre the chee ko peh. i feel violated. very violated. haha.

ok. there should be more photos from calvin and denzil. no photos from the ceremony in my phone so i'll post them when i get them. haha.


“the wedding”

  1. Blogger denzil Says:

    hello ranon, my lesbian lover. haha. cass here :) looks like the wedding and stuff went well. hahaha. when you get married, you HAD better have a military wedding and let denzil be the sword bearer OK! so then i can see him in his gorgeous number 1 =)) teehee.

    mahjong today was awesomely fantastic! =)) i can't wait for next sunday when we'll venture into the west side. muahahaha.

    island creamery and botak jones. this should be an eye opener for denzil. teehee.

    love love =))