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washed up

lets see where to begin. so sunday was mahjong at cass' house. and since we had two very very new and inexperienced players amongst us, most of the time was spent teaching them how to play. and denzil did a pretty good job picking it up coz he managed to win a couple of rounds. and taking into consideration it was his first time physically touching the tiles, they decided to not play with money, which was met with vehement objections from me since i ended up winning 10 bucks. haha. we headed to chomp chomp for dinner and boy were we stuffing our faces with food. the weight was just piling up. so the next makan session has been set for this sunday at island creamery and botak jones coz i'm flying off to brunei on sunday night and and i need my creature comforts before i starve on mount biang, surviving on dreaded combat rations.

monday wasn't at all spectacular. one of the worst sweeps ever that totally irked the hell out of me. i was so utterly pissed i had, and still have, no words to describe it. so anyhow, today i headed down to safti to send in my duffel bag for brunei, as well as to brief the new engineer cadets on what to expect. so we greeted them the engineer way and i knocked them down. haha. it was a warm welcome to the formation and there's a white horse! chief engineer's nephew's amongst the new cadets. haha. so yes. i'm officially flying off on sunday night and will be gone till the 11th. miss the smell of grass and the feeling of caked mud in my face. think i'm gonna totally enjoy socjot. haha. totally.

i just ripped some photos off wei liang's facebook account taken during acpc and comms parade. and i couldn't help but realise how much i missed those days. ok, my face was damn fat back then lar, but that's not the point. point is, i miss cadet days. like what kevin said to the cadets just now, they might think that life as an officer rocks, but the fact is the grass is not always greener on the other side. ok, so you get the nights out and the relaxation of the strict rules and regulations, but the responsibility that comes with that one black bar weighs heavily on your shoulder the moment you don the epaulette. i miss being a cadet for the fact that i had the greatest company around me. and the field camps where you just had to walk and do endless, and sometimes brainless, menial labour, but it was the experiences that made it so much fun. i mean, how often do you get the chance to walk through padi fields and villages in thailand and watch your fellow friends close their eyes and let instinct lead them along the way. memories from my cadet days go way back and they're something that stick with you for life.

the people made the greatest difference. there were my buddies, nic yap in delta and cj in eti, who both had to endure the troubles of waking me up in the morning. and there were bestest friends like jun ren who went through eti and thailand and ocs again together, who had to deal with my endless nonsense. we were actually dreaming of eating thai express, in thailand. haha. and who could forget the endless bargaining with the canteen auntie and at the shopping centres. then there were people like chris who walked the whole of beaver venture with me dreaming of ben and jerry's. and my clubbing buddy denzil, who still is, my clubbing buddy. then there were others like weiliang dex jet fahyik heng who were just there to fool around with, to complain with, and to push each other. so yes, life as a cadet rocked. no one could ask for more.

ironic isn't it? how we looked forward to commissioning when we were cadets, and now as officers, how we yearn to be cadets once more. the people define the experience and they forge the ties that can never be understood by outsiders. so yes. i'm proud to have gone through the whole 9 months, and survived to tell the tale.

so cheers to us! :)


“washed up”