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walking on sunshine

last night was mambo. ok, maybe more of phuture than mambo. bumped into qian and cass at far east before taking a bus down to zouk. met chew and claud and after that, max. had the usual bout of drinks. the long island tea was extremely potent and bitter. and max's brother was there too, and they look uncannily alike. haha. don't really have much to say about last night. pretty normal, save for the fact that poor denzil was away at bomb call and he appeared on tv. i was thus entrusted the enormous and noble responsibility of looking after his dear girl, which i did perfectly well. haha. only grouse was that we should have stayed longer at mambo!! the gatsby song got everyone so so so high. haha. went to spize after that and the only thing that i could down was the longan drink thing. think i fell asleep at the table for a while.

oh yes. i had dinner at ichiban boshi with dingwen and jie wei. food was quite good in fact. i'm rekindling the love for chawanmushi. haha. had the katsudon with cheese and whoever came up with the combination's a genius. wonderful fusion of east and west that spelt gatronomical delight.

i think i'm starting to lose interest in this whole clubbing thing. it's kinda draining and somehow, after so long, you just lose the drive to go party and lose yourself to the music and dance. it used to be self-fulfilling entertainment that took me on joyrides, no matter how temporary it was. yet now there's just no eager anticipation to a night out with friends. too much of a good thing can become a bad thing i guess. perhaps brunei will serve as a a temporary reprieve from this life i lead now, throwing myself into the wilderness and leting the primitive me take over. haha. though it is still debatable whether i behave like an animal in clubs and in everyday life. so yes. back to the jungles of brunei in 4 days!

the protectee. cass.

the reserved. claud.

the mambo queen. qian.

men of the night. haha.

and in memory of denzil who was away on official duty, saving the nation from relics of old.

in case you were wondering, i snapped these photos of my tv screen when the news bulletin was on. haha. how retarded. i know you love the photos cass. denzil too. haha

“walking on sunshine”

  1. Blogger Cassandra Ng Says:

    HAHAHA! ranon ah ranon. how u know i'm gonna like the last 2 pics? teehee. hahaha. =)) yeah, denzil and i do. LOL.

    i just finished applying lotsa antiseptic cream onto all of denzil's mosquito bites he received last night. omg. he looks like he contracted aids lah. seriously.


    ok my lesbian lover. i'm off to bed. night night!