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tears and rain

i officially suck at mahjong. i just lost 9 bucks playing mahjong at chew's house. so he's sitting next to me at the other computer doing his theory test thing and i'm sitting here listening to his sappy love ballads play while i blog. tears and rain's probably like the sweetest song there is lar.

and this morning was supposed to be dragon boating at kallang as part of the unit's aniversary celebration, but the rain poured and refused to relent so we had to shelve the plans and head to the restaurant for some taiwan porridge thing for lunch. not exactly palatable but manageable.

we finally booked our tickets to thailand! haha. and i pigged out on like 3 quarters of a tub of ben and jerry's strawberry cheescake ice cream here at chew's place. it's gonna take me on guilt trip the next few days lar. and uncaring and selfish chew has offered me only a corner of his NEW AND BIG bed tonight. bitch. and he happily sniggered at the fact that i'm now trapped in his house with no where to run to. haha. i feel violated.

DO duty tmr. hate having to crawl back so early in the morning. anyway, this entry's been pretty random. can't seem to get my attention focused on something. anything.

jonathan once said that i lead a decadent life. i don't know how much of it is true. he says my life right now's pretty much about partying and drinking and the occasional mahjong session. and surprisingly, this has translated itself into what really happened in the last 3 days. i don't know if it's good thing or a mere pathetic excuse to keep my life moving. it's hedonistic as andre puts it, but i choose to see myself more as an epicurist, enjoying the finer things in life and just taking a step back from what i've been doing the last 10 odd years of my life. mugging. i mean i'm gonna be spending the next 3 years of my life as a subject of intensive studying. i think i deserve this break. i'm not trying to find a justification for my morally misplaced life, as i would like to term it, but instead, i'm seeing it as a phase of life that i'm going through. it's the prime of my youth and i don't wanna spend it doing the safest and most routine of things. the most predictable and least satisfying. plus i'm doing all these amidst the bestest company one could ask for, and it's them whom i'm gonna miss most when i'm in the uk. so yes. i've no regrets doing what i'm doing. that's what life's about i guess. i'm 20 and living it up! haha.

i'm falling asleep. we're sending simultaneous and exact messages to andre online. haha. i think we're retarded.

“tears and rain”