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sunday's a wonderful time to just plant your ass down at home and not budge, while you feel your body and brains melt and blend into the ground or sofa or bed, wherever you may be. haha. it's a day which can be loosely termed as nuah. haha.

i heard the funniest thing on tv this morning. "you can't soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys". it actually makes quite a bit of sense, but at the same time it sounds as if the blame was being pushed about. you can be who you are no matter who you're surrounded by. you determine how you want your life to turn out, and you determine how high you wanna fly and you don't let the incapable pull you down. that's what i'm trying to tell steph who's wishing she was born with a dick coz guys she know are totally screwed and they're impeding her movement. she finds them unfathomable and wishes that she has the magic stick to show her the light, to make her understand our kind. my kind actually.

anw, i'm back from dinner at newton circus with my parents. had alot to eat, and i looked all about me and realised that i was gonna be missing all these in the uk. no more smoky and greasy open air hawker centre, with the aunties and uncles vying for your attention to patronise only their store, the stacks and stacks of sugar cane placed outside the drink store, and they'll ask you "lemon?" when you order from them. then there's the over enthusiastic and totally hyper man in clogs who runs to deliver food to waiting customers. it's these little nuances that makes life so singaporean and authentic, and no amount of chinatown or little singapore in uk can ever replicate. i mean afterall, it IS a replica and it will never be the real thing. so yes. i'll miss singapore.

and i'm all excited over thursday. it's this fluttering feeling that's stirring deep down inside. an excitement at the prospect of doing something that hasn't been done in a while. my heart's still recovering from the audacity and magnitude of my actions yesterday. but it has been done and it was a yes. i have a propensity to get all excited and hyped over the smallest things, but this, i assure you, is something worth celebrating. a swooning of hearts, and chirpy lightheadedness, i feel like i could live on the sweetest honeysuckle and ride the roughest sugar rush. it's like watching ballerina twins twirling and executing precise pirouettes, tip toeing across the darkest night, dazzling the world with their charm and their glitzy glitter and glamour, as though they had become the stars intoxicating the world with their subtle beauty and grace. sizzling and heartwarming all at the same time. oooh. it's a feeling unheard of in a long time and i'm loving every moment of it.

someone keep me grounded before i start flying with the ballerinas.

p.s it's not you cass. i know you're one, but you're not THE ballerina. hahahaha.


  1. Blogger the lethal cynic Says:

    i wonder who's making you feel so high. :)) have a happy date. and STOP DENYING.

  2. Blogger Cassandra Ng Says:

    UGH. whatever. hahaha =)) have fun yeah? you sound really happy!!! yay! i'm glad to see you happy =)) a happy ranon is a, erm, happy ranon. HAHAHAHA.

    love love love =))