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stop lubricating him

i woke up at 7.15 this morning reluctantly to head down to the immigration authority to make my new biometric passport, thanks to a certain someone's nagging and insistence that the queue would be ridiculous on a bright and early saturday morning. weren't we ALL surprised to be done in like TEN MINUTES. haha. thank you chew ah, for dragging me out at some unearthly hour.

headed down to city hall to grab a bite coz there was nowhere to eat in sad lavander. that was when i made a big fool of myself by insisting that raffles city was at raffles place and refused to alight at city hall, telling chew adamantly that it was the wrong stop. what an idiot. haha. so we had breakfast at burger king before heading to junction 8 on the spur of a moment to catch transformers. and this was when chew decided to embarass both of us in front of the ticketing lady. she asked what kinda seats we wanted, and without a second thought, chew loudly proclaimed "couple seats!". the look on her face was priceless. haha. that was damn funny lar. felt like slapping him silly that dumb ass.

and so the movie started and i had to say i was pretty skeptical before watching it coz i felt that certain cartoons have to remain cartoons, and transformers was one of them, no matter how 2 dimensional or boxy they were then. these were cartoons from days of yore, of a childhood dream that could have been shattered by modern technology and cgi animation in this modern remake. like what max said, imagine the simpsons filmed into a real life 3D film. what's gonna happen to marge's hair? so yes, i went into the theatre apprehensive and unsure of what to expect, fuelled only by a curiosity sparked by raving reviews from friends who've watched it.

and i was indeed pleasantly and thoroughly enthralled throughout the movie. the cinematography was excellent, and the humour and action was well balanced out. the scenes were planned out perfectly and the fight scenes were well executed. and bumble bee was the coolest character in the show, though optimus prime lacked the grandeur and punch coz his huge container trailer was missing. megatron was sorely disappointing but still, was a good movie. the underlying tones of patriotism and freedom did not go unnoticed.

"freedom is the right of all sentient beings". we all fight to survive, and most importantly, to preserve and fiercely protect our god given freedom. the autobots fought to preserve the freedom of another race, the human race. the whole notion of war belies the human greed and the human capacity for love. two opposing beliefs spurred on by the the strongest passion cannot be challenged. so yes, we applaud both the autobots and decepticons for their faith and unrelentless pursuit of their one single goal, be it for a noble, or less than noble, cause.

and it is this passion and fury that should drive everyone single person who is in the service of the armed forces and the nation. ok, i shall not delve into serious issues, but yes, transformers was one helluva movie. so now i'm home and i just switched on the telly to see some really really old show on channel 8. it's so damn retro and it's probably an early 1980s drama serial about ns. haha. it's like army daze, but so unbelievably old! the uniform was still all olive green, without camou prints. and the gay guy is still damn funny. haha.

ok. options for tonight are still open. dinner with kelvin or denzil. maybe both. but yes. headed back to camp coz the sweep's damn early tmr. botak jones! haha

“stop lubricating him”