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a state of unknown

so i'm back home after what was supposed to be a celebration to bid farewell to cpt alex's bachelorhood as he got married next week. today was supposed to be platoon off and cohesion as we all headed to the much awaited LS ktv lounge. it's located at tanjong katong road, how sleazy the name was. and contrary to what we all expected, it wasn't all that sleazy with all the girls. we basically had a room and any chick that offered to enter and keep us company was rejected by our fierce and non-compromising demeanour. haha. there was an endless supply of beer thanks to warrant eric and i think the enlistees were dying in the copious amount of beer that was made available to us.

so yes, we were basically singing our guts out and it was really quite fun, considering how we were made ignorant of what we all had and the situation we were all in. the singing was incessant and we couldn't stop ourselves. we were entertaining ourselves with songs from backstreet boys, westlife and some chinese songs. and surprisingly, i could make myself go along with chinese songs that i've never heard before. songs by jay chou and lin jun jie. never did i expect myself to actually sing along to chinese songs. haha. pretty exciting. haha. and i can actually read chinese words! haha.

so yes. we were basically revelling in our won voices and i think chew and i drank a tad bit too much and we ended up dancing on the sofas. haha. and i rmb how we chased away the china bitches, whom we've now termed as the "si mu gou", in recognition of the fact that they may not be able to comprehend the word "bitch". haha. but yes, we were pretty insistent that they not enter our room. haha, and who could forget cedrick's wondeful impersonation of a woman singing a whole new world with the alpha male andre! haha

on the taxi ride there

more pictures along the way

how gay can u get chew?

cedrick. diggory. haha

so into it

platoon 3

of booze and singing

sexy chew and baby cedrick

last night was crazy fun. headed down to mambo and i bumped into x. totally unexpected and alvy was like going on abt me giving x another chance, and she was trying to convince me that x still had feelings for me. thing was, she kept staring at claud who was dancing with me. it was a pretty awkward situation as i allowed myself to dance with x for that one moment. it was an awkward moment, and it felt totally weird. she was around and i felt the sourness tugging at my hearstrings as i danced away. the night was wonderful. spent most of the night at mambo and it was crazy fun. haha. claud was wonderful company. and so was daniel and qian. we had supper at spize but i was too preoccupied with puking. it was totally hilarious lar. the uncle, the taxi driver and daniel who had to put up with my puking nonsense all the way back. i swear i wasn't drunk. i think it was because i didn't have dinner and i had too much alcohol. last night's tally included one flaming lambo, 2 tequilla shots, the 2 free drinks and 1 jug of bourbon coke, speaking of which, max owes me money! haha. and so i was almost drunk and there was too much alcohol to go about. haha

so i'm pretty hung up over the alcohol intake from the LS ktv lounge. haha. it's clouding my vision and judgement and my ability to make a decent and thoughtful entry, chew is puking and i've not entirely recovered from last night. the plastic bag was a constant companion throughout the whole of last night and my stomach couldn't help but keep contracting with everything that was taken in, so goodbye to my iced tea and longan drink. haha. but then again, thanks to daniel who ensured i got back to camp in one piece and that i headed for training at 6 in the morning in totally perfect condition. haha. had to drag myself to seletar. totally shagged and worn out. and the puke was definitely intolerable. oh god. totally gross. haha

the bro. told ya to stick to just the lambo.

and that's qian looking all pretty.

just the 3 of us

the other 3

D!! bmt brother!

all ready to puke

the girls at spize

the boys at spize. plus the hidden bag of puke. haha

“a state of unknown”

  1. Blogger the lethal cynic Says:

    i felt terribly awkward too. at THAT situation. lol. mambo is fun fun fun right? learn to appreciate good ol retro music. and i think i should make a warning sign for you, to put out so that people don't step on your puke. oh yes, and in your latest entry, chew's giggling like a girl AGAIN. lol.

    xoxo qian.

  2. Blogger jacqueline Says:

    ranon you drink wayyy too much:)

    come riding instead of clubbing!

  3. Blogger ranon Says:

    jacq. haha. i couldn't help it last night ok. the whole platoon went lar! and i wanna go riding soon! probably next week when i've the time. and what happened to piggyjacq?

  4. Blogger jacqueline Says:

    hmm.. i went to the settings page and changed it because it just looks weird...

    pls psycho jr to go wakeboarding

  5. Blogger ranon Says:

    haha. i thought you liked the name. and he's your boy. you go convince him to go.

    i'm stuck in camp doing duty now. ahhh.

  6. Blogger ranon Says:


    omgawd where in the world did u get that from...