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wakeboarding today was exceptionally painful. what with the stupid ankle and all, couldn't really control my right foot coz it was so stiff. took a few tumbles but the u-turn was beautiful. mwahaha. and nicolas is already doing it like a pro i tell you. haha. and the instructor was a new guy who was such a jackass and so damn slack. but he controlled the speed of the boat much better than the other instructors i had before. and i incredulously forgot to bring my towel along, so i had to use my extra shirt to dry myself after showering.

then it was a rush down to town to meet qian and shop around, and to finally catch pirates. bought new shirts at projectshop and then lunched at paragon's soup spoon. sat and talked and cam whored for just a slight while before heading to lido for pirates! finally. and it wasn't as bad as they claim it to be. it was hilarious, and i couldn't help but smirk when chow yun fatt did the "welcome to singapore" thing in that pseudo-piratey accent. and the solemnisation of will and elisabeth's marriage while they were fighting was kinda lame, but not over the top i guess. and johnny depp is a brilliant actor. haha. talking to himself and being all silly. but yea, it was funny. totally enjoyable and i guess that's what makes it a disney movie. there was this lil boy in the cinema who kept going "who's that?" even though will and jack sparrow appeared like a million times throughout the show! haha. damn cute.

so i'm back home preparing to go back to camp. and i'm still miffed over the fact that i lost my specs back in ocs and there's no way of retrieving it! dang! so i've to go make new ones tmr and there goes a hundred odd bucks down the drain. crap.

and back to yesterday's post, i guess it made me realise what it meant to be an officer. really. i've been through comms parade as a cadet watching my seniors commission last june when i was still in service term, then i commissioned myself last december, and now i'm watching them as an officer. full circle. each phase entails different responses and it reaffirmed the reasons why i chose the army as a career. the parade itself showcased the strong foundation the army was built upon, the precision and the grandeur. parades reflect the old traditions of the army preserved in their entirety, handed down from generation to generation. other than the solemn traditional parade, it also represents a celebration as we welcome a new batch of officers to the corps, celebrating their birth and initiation to a life of responsibility, dignity and honour.

there's a lot of pride in becoming an officer. i was talking to the newly commissioned guys at the dinner and i told them the most important thing they have to keep in mind when they went to their units, was to never adopt the mentality "i'm an officer, therefore i don't have to". it's precisely because you ARE an officer, that you must make sure you do what your subordinates can do. being an officer means being a leader, a motivator, a counsellor, an instructor, and most importantly, being a friend and being part of them. as cliched as it may be, you only start to realise all of these when you get yourself involved. so yes. life as an officer is only just taking off for me and i acknowledge the fact that i've still a long long way to go.

ok. i shall avoid sounding like a preacher and stop the moralistic rantings. comms parade definitely brought back alot of memories, and it made me see how much i've grown and changed in the last one and a half years. as of now, i've no regrets choosing this path as to take me through the next few years of my life.

lunch at soup spoon.

after the movie.


  1. Blogger the lethal cynic Says:

    i look hideous, sleepy and nuah-ed in the photos :((