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mambo high

ok. the entry is titled as such because i've just downloaded tons of mambo songs and i'm dying of an overdose. my mum stepped in a little while back while "call me" was playing and i swear i saw her dance to it for that one moment. haha. she thinks it's a phase i'm going through and she's pretty much amused and tickled when i demonstrated to her what marcus taught me that day in the ops room. haha. the silly hand actions have actually found a way into my heart, as ridiculous as it may be. haha.

ok. so now i'm downloading love songs for the wedding tmr. they're using my laptop for the pictures slideshow, i think, so i'm like hunting down sappy love songs to make your hair stand on end. haha. n'sync's this i promise you is playing now. it's damn sweet, but so old. haha. and there's i do by 98 degrees. oh my god. dying of a sugar rush soon. so yes. hope the wedding goes wonderful tmr. and i think shania twaine's from this moment is one the loveliest songs to be played at a wedding. it's an uber sweet song that has somehow become a permanent fixture at weddings. i know it'll be at mine.

there was the sword bearers' rehearsal today. i never knew the sword was so heavy. haha. and having to angle it so that it forms an arch is seriously one helluva job. but yes, haha. it's pretty fun. and having to walk in step at the end's pretty hard but it'll work out fine with more rehearsals tmr. my first military wedding. how exciting. lotsa pictures coming!

and on the subject of songs and all, i think i've told people what kinda music i want played at my funeral. haha. there's going to be no 'cling-clang-bang' nonsense. so no old player regurgitating the same sutra out over and over again. instead, the music will come from my own playlist. we'll have like hip hop and rnb and all those nonsense. yes. people will not cry at my funeral, but will remember me for the fun i had, for the fun we had together. and now, we can add to the list mambo songs! haha. and no one's to wear black to the wedding. it's gonna be a celebration and a party, so whoever's reading this, please remember k? haha. and there'll be mahjong aplenty for everyone! haha.

ok. enough of the morbid talk. it's a celebration of love tmr! although it's gonna be weird having to watch my boss be all lovey dovey with his wife. haha. just not right. but yes, what the hell. it's a wedding dinner. a military wedding at that. and those who know me well enough know that it's been a dream to have one for myself. 6 more years. i'll be married by 26, and have my first kid at 28. haha. work harder ranon!

and this is very random, but i think the whole platoon's in love with the gatsby advert song. haha. the one with takuya kimura twirling his hair and prancing about. i managed to pull of a close enough impersonation at the mess 2 nights ago. haha.

well last night was sweet enough. hee. i'm like loopy and high and just simply happy. yet, the spaces in between cannot be ignored. so with this bliss comes a lil ambivalence, a lil confusion and a lil uncertainty. there's no where to move forward to coz it's all but a mere bleak and hazy region, an area acknowledged by both parties. yet, living in the moment, though transient and temporal, brings a dizzying happiness and content. haha. so i think it's only best that i leave it as it is. happy thoughts fill my mind.


shyness and embarassment takes over.


the end.

“mambo high”

  1. Anonymous Rodrigo Says:

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  2. Blogger Cassandra Ng Says:

    hey dear! =)) glad to see you had fun on thurs =)) I WANNA HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! whee! haha. mahjong toms should be fun. haha.

    i miss partying with you guys! mambo next weds? teehee.

    your lesbian lover =))

  3. Blogger ranon Says:

    who the hell is the rodrigo guy? doesn't he realise i don't understamd a single word except the word 'blog'. haha. and mahjong later!

    mambo is a yes! haha.