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it's a friday

today, i learnt that if you have two queues forming in front of two different atm machines, you should join the queue with the guys coz they have this uncanny ability of pressing the buttons faster. haha. the queues with the aunties tend to take longer, for whatever reason i cannot fathom, but can only suggest that they take that long due to their inability to scan the screen that quickly, or being the stingy and delusional singaporean auntie (bad combination), think that by staring at their account balance will somehow add a few more zeros to that amount. i'd choose to believe the latter. haha.

ok. people are so gonna kill me for that. haha, also, after watching harry potter last night, i learnt of another thing, young pretty girls, like emma watson, will grow up to be very pretty hot babes. young ugly boys, like daniel radcliffe, will grow up to look, pretty much the same. haha. shit. no wonder i look like shit. haha.

i saw lightning flashes across the sky a million times today, and i was out in the open. and i felt vulnerable for that one moment. the countless streaks of lightning was a sign of the destructive power of mother nature. it was also interesting to see the cluster of umbrellas gathering together across the road. the greens and yellows and reds were a splatter, set against the canvas of a bleak grey evening sky. that was a sign of life and hope, of selfless love and protection, especially since mothers were sheltering their kids after they were let off from school. it was nice, despite the rain peltering down.

ah. and i'm flying off on sunday night, but i've a sweep in the morning! bloody hell. haha. so there goes my plans for botak jones and island creamery. the things i give up for my nation.

so i'll leave you guys with photos from wednesday night, courtesy of cass who has so kindly uploaded them up for me to rip. haha.

how cute.

chew seduced me. i'm the victim.

snigger snigger.

the last four standing.

one for the night!

the samboca. mouth on fire.

“it's a friday”