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i like this feeling. being up early, having a lil hangover, feeling a lil giddy and tasting that bitter aftertaste of alcohol in my mouth. having showered, feeling all clean early in the morning sitting in the living room in front of my pristine white mac, sipping tea. fine it's lemon tea but yar. haha. and suffering from post partying footloose syndrome. i'm still tapping my feet and feeling all dancey right now. last night was just so unbearably fun, with the right mix of people and alcohol and music. of course, not forgetting crazy cam whoring. last night's haul was mindblowing.

and before i forget.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASS! i shall not divulge your tender young age to the world. haha

so yes. zouked last night. kinda last minute thing that we pulled together and the attendance was surprisingly good considering the fact we only confirmed it at 9ish last night. we were in there by 1145 and boy, the party started there and then. daniel, denzil, cass, qian, chew and myself. the usual suspects. together with gue and the platoon one 3ics. no more inordinate drinking for me and drinks were kept to not so copious amounts. but enough to get me on a frenzy and to dance like there was no tomorrow. haha. i mean clubbing's no longer about the drinks or the chicks. ok, sometimes it is. but nowadays, it's more of dancing and letting loose with friends. just losing yourself to the music. it's all about grooving and shaking. and i still feel like dancing some more. haha.

and of course, how can any clubbing experience end without some scandal or drama. so last night's was chew's. who was so pissed drunk he bloody hell pushed me into the bushes. like seriously shoved me and i landed in the bushes outside grand copthorne. the kinda stuff you see in cartoons where the idiot falls from a height and lands in a bush and exclaims. it sorta reminded me of pokemon. haha. fine, so he wasn't as drunk as i was before, but yes, drunk enough to be feeling all emo and sad in the taxi. mumbling nonsense. the uncle thought you were love sick, and i know you are. haha. cheer up dude. hope your head's ain't splitting now. and the uncle kept asking me if you were gonna puke and he gave me a plastic bag and i was so tempted to put it over your head. and now i know it's 44 mimosa something. haha.

so yes. to all the revellers last night, it was another night to remember. the birthday girl was crazy and cam whorish and took alot of good photos i hope. haha. chew was drunk. denzil was looking good in that get up. daniel, slightly bored and i couldn't detect any sign of emotion. qian was dancey as usual. gue just bobbing around. en and yisi flitting around. haha. why do they entertain me so? but yes, the party was good. my head and joints are sore. and my foot's tapping against the table now. partying's like in the blood now.

and there's like this tv advert that i just stumbled across on central as i was flipping through the channels and that push pop commercial's like just wrong. the whole idea of the push pop's just wrong. what with all the fingers and inserting and pushing and sucking. totally wrong. haha. that was random. and donkey from shrek is so damn funny in that macdonald's commercial "i'm adorable!" haha. i tell myself that everyday. ego boosting. haha.

ok. now the photos.

the birthday girl. my lesbian lover. one level up than chew.


the next few photos are dedicated to daniel who thinks he's the hottest thing alive, thanks to cass' egging on. and yes cass, i know you've been waiting for these pictures only. whatever ok.

ok. the dedication/ego boosting ends here.

now, who asked you to go spoil their lover shot. and you're sneakily behind. do i sense sth more?

the newly initiated.

the new best friend. thanks dude.

qian. drowning in hotness.

the regulars.

of course, chew chew who pushed me into the bushes.

the real cam whores.


to the left. to the left.

yar lar. handsome lar. more handsome than me ok?

highness. losing it.

ok. that marks the end of the party. back to camp later for a sweep. and there's wakeboarding tmr! yaay.


  1. Blogger piggyjac Says:

    which operator do you wakeboard with?

    we should go some day:) cause jr refuses to go with me

    and dont ask me why i'm piggyjac, i dont know

  2. Blogger ranon Says:

    haha. i go to ponggol sea sports assoc. haha. going for classes and they're ending soon, like on sunday. haha. and piggyjac's a retarded name. haha. seriously.

  3. Blogger piggyjac Says:

    you know i wanted to comment then it just magically appeared as piggyjac. even i forgot that i ever had such a nick. so stop being so critical abt it:)

    punggol? haha, think thats the cheapest among the shops. i ride with Launch.

  4. Blogger ranon Says:

    haha. it;s ok i guess. quite a good place to get started. i just got back from comms parade with jun ren and i lost my specs! haha. shites.