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so today was a day well spent under the scorching hot sun, swimming in the not-very-clean sea and playing beach volleyball and frisbee. the crowd included chew, denzil, cass and qian. daniel pulled out the last minute since he was dying of dehydration, a symptom that could point to diabetes as we both agreed after doing some research, but he has since been given the clean bill of health after a medical check up last week.

there was a lot of swimming and playing and wrestling in the water. and not forgetting the inner cam whores in all of us, posing for endless pictures. was supposed to head to del mar but the bus was caught in a jam (yes, a jam IN sentosa), so we got off at the first bus stop which was at palawan. haha. haven't beach bummed in such a long long time and the company couldn't have been better! the laughter and the conversations that ranged from old school days to partying. haha. yet, beach bumming with the new gang was reminiscent of days of yore, of days with kelvin xavier and qingzhen just lazing about on the beach and fooling around. and of course, there was the rj class outing to the beach which had a measly turn out, but was still memorable as the girls were exclaiming over the sight of my malnourished body. hahahaha.

and moving on from photos revolving around reallly drunk people and smoky dark backgrounds with crowds of strangers, this is the first batch of photos that actually has DAYLIGHT in it. haha. and it does not involve people high on alcohol. ok, denzil and cass were both high over breathing in each other, basking in each other's love and just making the rest of us totally disgusted. not totally, but enough to send shivers down our backs in the mid afternoon sun.

oh. and there was this very very nice sandcastle that some kid built with his parents that was really pretty and intricate, what with the steps and bricked wall and door frames. there was a pool in it too! haha. and we were like looking at the clouds trying to figure out what we saw, and qian concluded that i was simply a horny bastard, her exact words. all i said was that the clouds looked like a man cradling a woman in his arms with her head tilted back. whatever ok. haha.

so we left the beach at 5ish and shelved plans to cam whore at the "southernmost point of the asian continent" and the musical fountain (which was qian's idea to begin with) haha. so we found a cab that conveniently parked itself right before us as we were heading to the monorail station and we were like what the hell, so we jumped in and zipped out of the island in cool comfort.

dinner was modesto's at vivocity. fine, we weren't really dressed for the occasion but who cares. food was excellent. i had everything mushroom and boy was it worth every cent. the cream was thick but not too nauseating, and the shiitake mushrooms were succulent and juicy all at the same time. the crema al funghi was excellent with a healthy portion of mushrooms in it, and was shared between the four of us. so dinner was a happy and lighthearted affair. we kinda set a date for our weekend getaway to KL sometime in august just before i fly off. and cass was fussing over her red face with aloe vera cream. then to digest dinner, we went to window shop and i saw a shirt at topman that i'm gonna buy next payday! haha.

so now i'm burnt! my shoulders are raw and red. but then, i've to say it again, it was a day well spent. back to work tmr!

stuck in a jam. ignoring the love action behind us.

the dudettes.

the dudes.

the unloved.

where's the teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini girl?


RCK and some random girl

RCK and another random girl

all cleaned up

she's cleaned up too

waiting for cass and her aloe vera gel

dinner at modesto's

finally stole the man away from his love for that one second

last one for the night


  1. Blogger the lethal cynic Says:

    hello, the photos have no QC standards okay!! and ermms, no it wasn't my idea to go to the southern most point. :))

  2. Blogger Cassandra Ng Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Blogger Cassandra Ng Says:

    whoops. hahaha. i was the one who deleted my comment. teehee.

    relink please =))


    ah. when's our next hang-out time? =))