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the very first one

a second blog. wow. couldn't really be bothered with designing a template so i simply ripped off the nicest one i could find. haha.

anw, the last few days were crazy. platoon block leave. chalet on tues. barbeque and all. think i'm dying of food poisoning thanks to darrell for feeding me with food using thongs that were used to pick up charcoal. thanks dude. played mahjong all night long and lost. haha. headed back to camp after the game at 6.30 in the morning with boss-man to finish up work which required urgent attention. no kidding. i was in camp doing work even when i was on leave! finished work then headed home to wash up before going down to zouk!

mambo! went to phuture with chew, dre and jaspall. met nana on the dance floor. oh man. i haven't seen her in like a million and one years! i missed her so so so so much. we were practically hugging each other and jumping up and down in joy. pure ecstasy. we had promised to organise a class outing some time but plans never really materialised. fancy bumping to her at zouk. and manyun was there too! the last i remember of her was proposing to her on stage in sa during orientation. haha. everyone's changed.

and although this is gonna be like a week late, but i've gotta say something about last saturday! that was one helluva night. went partying with chew denz cass liza and qian. opened a bottle at fashionbar and fooled around being idiots. self entertainment that delivered delirious laughter and photoworthy moments. all captured down of course using my phone camera which produced much better quality photos thatn cass' digicam. haha. good thing i don't have a tagboard (yet) or she'll be flooding it if she finds out.

action on the dance floor was equally crazy. eye opening action that cannot be mentioned here. left a few tongues wagging but all were happy. i hope. but it left me with a sweet aftertaste. and of course, there was the crazily deluded woman who made me down two bloody concentrated glasses of chivas green tea before i could take her empty chair away for the girls to sit. so as i was drinking, she said to me "i'm 37 years old. i have 3 kids and i'm pregnant now. my husband's german. don't worry, i've given birth in a club before." i nearly spat out my drink.

hilarious. and post partying was worse apparently, no thanks to my drunken antics which i quote if posted on youtube, will definitely invite alot of views. the taxi stand with all the aunties who think i'm crazy (and hot. haha). the tranny without the bra who would have slapped me silly if she/he had the chance. chew and "CAT 1 CAT 1". lamp pole dancing, and licking apparently. haha. and in the taxi with qian, asking the taxi driver rhetorical questions like "why is it raining? uncle can you make the rain stop." thank you qian for making sure i sent you home first. n pls tell me what i said in the cab. or you'll be the pink furry pig who haunts my dreams. anw, it was a night to remember. memories that will stick for a long long time. great company and great fun. what more can i ask for.

at fashionbar. this was when before the drinks came.

this was after the drinks.

she made my night :)

the group that made the night unforgettable.

thanks for the night!

“the very first one”

  1. Blogger the lethal cynic Says:

    hello, so it's me being the first to tag. i am not a furry pink pig. and i will not tell you what you said. yes, what more could i ask for. and do you realise that most of the pictures are from cass's camera? hahhaa