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ok. i'm in cj's office waiting my time out to bathe change and head to zouk tonight. it's probably gonna be like a mass orgy but who cares, i've had enough of work, and people i haven't seen in years are going. people like d ho, peiyi and harold! haha. it's the au's birthday. and i'm gonna inch my way through their wallets to make sure i get my free entry coz i'm broke, and hey, i just turned 20 3 days ago. i deserve it. but of course, there's C of RCK who's gonna be there and others. yaay. and max too. haha. dick fest.

anyway, i just finished cartridge live firing today. i think my lungs are filled with sand and dust. coz after each firing at the bunker, me, the conducting officer, had to brave the sand storm surging within and enter the bunker, and with each breath i took, a healthy dosage of sand happily etched its way into the teeny weeny microvilli and alveoli of my perfectly healthy lungs. not that it's not destroyed and black because of alcohol. wait, that's my liver. fine.

and i'm DO tmr! i hope i don't stumble into camp dead drunk and end up sleeping at the central staircase, next to the fish pond and letting S1 wait for me to take over duty from her. haha. and there's OPS HITCH MOK on friday at Cafe Del Mar. It's like a junior officers thing to help eric mok find the love of his life, with the help of the two captains, a full lietenant and me! haha.

eric mok's reply to OPS HITCH MOK was hilarious. it's gonna be army speak, so those who don't understand, please bear with it. his exact words were "how come there's no AOP? coz there's no live firing. heehee". this coming from a 28 year old lieutenant. time to grow up friend.

and it's comms parade next week! gotta go get my number one ready, put on a very big smile and go sit at their tables and be hosts. haha. at least there's a SOM from EOD. haha. and i get to meet up with friends once again back at safti!

last night saw the mess crowded with hot blooded males, watching miss universe. haha. practically the whole of platoon 3, minus the team commanders and 2ics were there, together with people from all over. and miss japan won!! she's like damn cute and flamboyant and gregarious. she flirts with the camera and best of all, she looks singaporean! haha.it means we all stand a chance. i think. and everyone else was rooting for miss korea, who was fat, and had a name that sounded like she just stepped out of geylang - honey lee. whatever man. and she's so not hot. and miss usa landed on her butt, which was hilarious yet painful to watch. and since we all knew the results before we caught it, it was kinda anti climatic, but it was good fun cheering on japan like we were watching soccer or something like that. however, i think i was the only one who thought japan deserved the title. she's my dream girl and she's 20! haha. i stand a chance!

ok. bathing time. my phuture awaits me.