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post initiation clubbing

where do i begin.

ok. lets start with thursday. went for dinner with ex classmates from rj. small gathering with karl zach and suba. jo was stuck in a jam and by the time we were done and ready to go, she was STILL stuck at the PIE. haha. had to head back to camp so we just sat around, talked before they walked me to the mrt before they headed off to karl's place. been so long since i talked to all of them. karl's back for the hols from the states, regaling us with tales from brown and his roadtrips up to canada and around the us. and how he has to choose an attachment at either changi naval base, or at tuas naval base, both at extreme ends of our lil island. haha. zach's a scout spec in 42 sar. up to his neck with safsa rugby. but he's joining me in uk next year. haha. most memorable quote from him that night: " gedong's like the ulu of the ulu. getting there's like frodo's trek to mount doom" haha. whatever man. and suba, my dear girl, just finished her exams in nus. i still remember her calling me in the mornings back in j2 to make sure i was awake to meet her at woodlands mrt station before we headed to school together. haha. n it was her birthday on friday! haha. you're 20 years old! 2 days before me.

oh man. i miss my rj class.

zach. the rugger.

karla. the sms scholar.

the chinese high boy. the ac boy. the ri boy.

now altogether. 2S03L.

friday was initiation. either i was really stupid, or i was asking for it. haha. i had to down 4 cans of beer in the first game just because i forgot to cheers "towards perfection". 4 cans. and i was the unlucky one who had to get the ace of spades in indian poker. and my team had to tie with the other team when it came to drinking pepsi from 1 metre long straws. and i just had to spew out vulgarities from my mouth as i was doing the push ups as part of the deal-or-no-deal prize. so 6 cans was enough to send some puke outta my system. but it wasn't that bad coz what emerged was mainly beer that was gulped in. haha. n i was still very much sober. couldn't eat much after that so i basically wasted my 200 bucks contribution to the initiation fund. shit.

was supposed to play mahjong with daniel chew and james. but the alcohol got the better of us so we cancelled mahjong for zouk. haha. sorry dan and james. sorry sorry! so zouk was fun at the beginning. all the alpha 3ics were there. gue and the gang. but it was chew and denzil that made the night crazy. it's been so long since we had a RCK party. haha. but the music got boring, the crowd became terrible. for the first time, i was caught in a real human stampede after some girl puked near the dancefloor. for that one moment, all hell broke loose, people shoved and pushed to get out of the lethal zone.

so i was basically zoning out on the dancefloor, bobbing to terrible music, feeling very very bored. left by 2.30 coz i just could not take it anymore. headed home and just conked out on my bed. haha. at least i was in self control again, i refuted any offerings of long island and vodka lime. limited myself to one or two sips only, so i was pretty much sober last night. haha. tonight's gonna be another party. with friends from everywhere. haha. literally everywhere. a motley crew of sorts like i always say. tmr's lunch with kelvin and gang. ok. it's the birthday weekend! i'm 20 and no more a teenager! haha.

i look like qian here!

the c and k of RCK.

RCK buddies. love of my life. haha.

"daniel's the hero coz he's better looking" whatever cass.

last one for the night.

it was a night of reliving what used to be in days before. chew chew and chow chen as they're affectionately known as. haha. i'll miss you guys in uk!

“post initiation clubbing”

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