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post clubbing

I pulled myself out of slumber easily today. a night out with chew and max and dingwen. in view of my terrible performance and antics the last 2 times i went clubbing, or attempted to, i had decided early last night that i shall not:

1. touch/grope/grind another girl for fear that she may have a boyfriend.

2. drink too much.

3. need anyone to babysit me.

and yeap, i did all 3. and i'm proud of myself. but after last night, i concluded that mos seriously was a terrible place to be at. there was a crazy girl in white who hunted us down and basically tracked us down across the whole span of the dance floor, shoving her big fat butt with the beige undies flashing in between the three of us. think we're too hot for our own good. haha. unabashed and shameless bragging.

so lets take stock of the alcohol i consumed innocuously that caused almost no harm.

my 2 free drinks (bourbon and whiskey dry.
bacardi 151.
2 jugs of whiskey dry.

not that bad right? and i was sipping my drinks slowly out of a straw in absolute self control. unless, their drinks were unglamorously diluted, which of course supports the notion that zouk serves way way better drinks.

so yea. midway through the night, yisi and en appeared. haha. apparently zouk was too boring for them. i, remembering the promise i made to self, gentlemanly pushed them to chew and max, not too difficult a task actually. haha. but i was being teased and was pulled to join them once in a while. thanks ah yisi. so while they were drowning in each other's arms, i was fighting off assholes who had flailing and uncontrollable arms, whose butts knew no boundaries and insisted on pushing max. so i stepped in, feigned a drunken stupor, and bumped him away. haha. then there was the guy with the ostentatiously ugly gucci fedora cap who was mocked incessantly by us. so i turned to him and asked to try it, so i grabbed it and wore it, much to the amusement of chew and co.

so yes. last night was good. it was sth that i've wanted to experience in a long long time. just dancing, and losing myself to the music, not alcohol. and dancing was good. music sucked, but still enjoyed just dancing. clean simple fun.

so thanks to max and chew for the great company. and to dingwen for drinks that never materialised. haha. and to yisi and en for being naughty. haha.

not so drunk fellas.

"follow-this-route-up my-skirt" victims.

oh. and we're all 99.4% chimpanzee. haha

“post clubbing”