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pictures pictures pictures

ok. blogger's being a bitch on my mac so i can't upload the pics. but luckily, there's my mum's laptop. so here are the photos as promised. haha

first take.

second take.

he who got slapped/whacked/spat at. eternally grateful.

drinking buddies. babysitters. eternally grateful too.

bestest bro.

yes jacq. he's mine.

birthday girl.

this, versus

haha. cass, you have denzil. daniel's mine too.

now don't fight over me. coz i love you all. i'm not moping over life anymore. life will pick up. i know people who care. i know of people who bother. so life is wonderful now. life will sort itself out, divine intervention if you have to call it. oversensitivity can be a bane. but i'm a gemini. haha.

“pictures pictures pictures”