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o o . . (circle circle dot dot)

circle circle dot dot. it's ringing in my head.

what promised to be a peaceful EO duty resulted in a rude awakening by chewy at 7.30 this morning "eh! wake up. faster. war relic call!" half an hour before handing over of duty at 8! what the hell. people wake up too early these days to work at construction sites. give them, and us, a break! so i ran down in my sleeping attire and slippers, boots in one hand to the standby bus.

but it was a simple disposal. was done by 2 and by 3.30, i was already on my way to town. hunted down that one shop to get jun ren's present done before heading to causeway point for an early belated birthday dinner with my parents, for my brother and me. think my 20th's gonna be a simple affair. spent amongst friends who mean the world to me. it's gonna be my last birthday here in singapore in the next three years, and i'm starting to get the jitters of moving overseas.

settled my accommodation in uk. now just waiting for the rest of the pieces of the puzzle to fall in place.

my mind's a whirl of thoughts now. let me put them down in words later, slowly thought through.

“o o . . (circle circle dot dot)”

  1. Blogger clarefied Says:

    HELLO. haha. how come i seem to be the only one tagging your blog r? haha. do you even read this?! hahaha =))

    thanks for your words just now. you guys must be having fun lah. i'm up at the weirdest hour because...i also don't know why. haha. it's like, 4plus am now. ugh. sian.

    hope you managed to get your hands on some gorgeous girl!!! =)) and i miss you too! can't wait to hang out with you soon lah. haha. we need more pictures! yes we do =))

    and i hope you and chew didn't get drunk lah. haha.