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it's vesak day and i'm in camp

it's vesak day. everyone go vegetarian. it's also world no tobacco day. so please stop smoking at least for once on this day. i just stepped into the ops room. been trying to sleep the whole day since this morning after coming back from mos but at very reuglar intervals of 15 to 20 minutes, my phone will ring with the ops room bringing ill news that i've to leave the comfort of my bed to do work. shit.

so anw, last night was TERRIBLE. arrived at zouk at around 10 hoping to pre-empt thousands of other eager and over zealous clubbers but was sorely disappointed. there were like a million people there that early and by 10.30, it was full house. we were no where near the entrance. we gave up and had a prata feast across the road. we meaning chew, claud and scott. yaay. at least claud's and my mushroom and cheese prata was served with nice thick curry, unlike chew's. haha. she told me that the uncle took a while to prepare our pratas coz he had to grow mushrooms. i told her whatever. and the prata shop uncle is seriously, amazingly entertaining. after we placed our final order, he pointed to the receipt on the table and said "come here!". to the paper. so we were patiently waiting for that scrap piece of paper to grow legs and walk towards his beckoning voice and finger. haha.

qing zhen d ho and harold were there for a while but they left for vivo to catch a movie. sorry guys i couldn't join you. last night was a bad night to be at zouk. we'll go there some time soon, promise, like we used to. haha.

so chew scott and i headed to mos. the queue was long but as we walked past the rear entrance, we saw the bouncers setting it up, ready to open it. so the three of us jumped at the opportunity and became the first 3 in line. haha. we were in within 5 minutes and we were soon to regret our decision. it was packed beyond belief. i don't understand how anyone was dancing in that freaking mess. it was so bad, the only way i could move was turn my head left and right and up and down. that's all. and there was this group of irritating bitches who kept elbowing me, and after a while, i got so pissed off i turned around and literally shouted in their faces "HELLO! ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND? BE CAREFUL CAN OR NOT?!". whatever man. bloody bitches.

so i was basically damn pissed, damn sober and damn squashed. then we went upstairs to join scott's friend's friend's birthday party in one of the vip rooms, which was pretty wild considering the birthday girl was heavily making out with two other girls, and the guys were like all drunk and all. scott got pissed drunk and puked onto the floor, including one of the girls' dress and she was murderous for that one moment. he continued his puking spree into a jug and was sober henceforth. i left early and, erh yea. picked daniel up at tanah merah at around 7 and headed to camp together. that's where i'm at now.

next time, we're never going clubbing pre-public holiday. never ever. maybe christmas eve. or new year's eve. but never vesak day or sorts. i'm sleepy. i'm deprived of sleep thanks to the endless phone calls. ahhhh.

“it's vesak day and i'm in camp”