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it's 4.25 AM

i just tumbled into bed 10 mins ago. that was after showering and having supper.

today was one very long day. went wakeboarding in the afternoon. the funny girl at the shop called me at 12 and said "hi. i've a personal favour to ask of you. my contacts are drying out and i was wondering if you could bring me an extra contact lens case and some solution?" haha. what do i make of that? so i being the nice guy i was, packed what was required. haha. and today's lesson was freaking fun. slowly learning how to jump wakes and i ended with a bang. literally. i tripped over a wake and landed face flat that sent a shot of pain thru the right side of my body and my face. i ended up bleeding in my mouth. wonderful. then i got to witness first hand my instructors wakeboarding! an honour, they said, that was bestowed upon the rare few coz this was their first time wakeboarding after a year long hiatus. haha. they're like 38 and 47 years old respectively, the latter fat with a pot belly the size of twice my head and man, they just flew on water. i mean these guys were asian champs back in the 80s. looking at them, you realise that time can ravage the body, but the indomitable spirit and passion in man can never be lost. they seriously enjoyed what they were doing. and they were still good at it. these guys are the real deal i tell you.

so after wakeboarding, and the bleeding-mouth incident, i headed back to camp to dump my stuff, and with food in tow for daniel who was stuck in camp doing standby. had to change in 10 mins and got a ride to town in cpt alex's car with ah gu. haha. gu headed for night class, while i went to find qian at city link mall.

found her and headed to fort canning for a midsummer night's dream. we got lost. haha. seriously. we got lost in fort canning. should have gone in from the dhoby ghaut side. so yes. we eventually found the place, grabbed wine (served in plastic cups) and food (sponsored by indochine) and headed to our seats under the marquee.

well, abt midsummer night's dream.

i'll piece together my thoughts abt the play when i'm much sober. and awake. and thinking.

intermission under the marquee

so after the play, we headed to home club and qian introduced me to indie night for the first time ever. it was a different kinda fun. and i wouldn't be quick to put it down as boring, the music's good really, you just need to get used to it. dancing to it was a lil awkward in the beginning. it's not like dancing to rnb and hip hop, with that loud thumping beat to guide you. indie's different. with music from the killers and muse and placebo. go figure. but then again, i had fun. getting introduced to something new each day. so thank you qian. yet another night to remember. and yes, you gave me more than sweet dreams to go to bed with :)

home club

so that concludes the day. and i will write about the play soon, promise.

i want a skinny black tie. and a black postman/army-like cap.

“it's 4.25 AM”