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back to mac

ok. back to using my mac. sometimes my mac gives me a headache. coz a lot of things do not work with it. and alot of things are different on the mac. looking at the create post screen here, and looking at it on my mum's lenovo, there are like 3 missing icons on the bar where you can choose to click to make your words bold or italicised. plus when i click on the icon to add a photo, the options on the mac are different from that on the lenovo. hmm. gotta figure things out soon.

ok. gonna rush out now. have to bathe and dress up. it's mos tonight. dingwen, max and chew. motley crew of sorts, but happiness. haha. and there's mahjong at my place tmr night. DO duty on sunday, but hopefully tonight and tmr makes up for that sunday. plus daniel's gonna make me watch some chinese drama in camp on sunday. haha. spare me lar.

and yes. I WILL NOT GET PISSED DRUNK tonight. promise. more photos to come!! :)

“back to mac”