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20 years and half a day

i'm awake! last night was a blast. and it was definitely one helluva way to usher in my 20th. haha.

the attendance list:
wei liang

thanks guys for coming. there was no better way to ask to spend it than with you guys, with friends who mean more than a million bucks to me. so we started with just max and heng at fashionbar coz the rest were late. started drinking without the rest. qian had troubles with her ID but eventually resolved it and got into mos. teng got lost 3 times and made liang wait for like half an hour. haha. then the rest of the guys came. so it was one big party at fashion and thanks daniel for going back to get your passport just so you could get the membership thing, and for helping shave off a hundred bucks from the bill. cass was being her usual bitchy self and i've now been officially upgraded to the rank of lesbian lover. dang. but we've got nice photos!

inside mos was wild. the music was just getting everyone on a fanatic high. it was just damn good. and screw the absence of the hot chicks when you've the company of such good friends. haha. ok, fine, there were the chicks. thanks ah daniel for pullng me away from my tall indian chick, who loved my tie, to go get a drink. haha. it was good clean fun, without me getting pissed drunk, and i enjoyed every single moment of it. it was a night to remember.

so to all the friends who appeared, and those who dropped me a msg and remembered, thank you very much, from this 20 year old lil boy.

on a side note, the first person who called and wished me happy birthday, was x. not a surprise really. but thanks.

ok, i'll give a deeper and more thoughtful entry when i'm back tonight. gonna head out soon to meet kelvin and co for lunch. photos photos!

i'm now the lesbian lover. beat that denzil.

the LS trio

teng ah.

cass just doesn't satisfy you the way liang does right denzil?

oliver oliver! where have you been?!

thanks for the scarf babe!

max, the wasted.

the last 3 men standing. outside mos. haha.

his hair's really not that bad in real life. but he's my bro man. and cass' secret lover. and we all know he can't take gay jokes. homophobe.

thanks for the memories people!


“20 years and half a day”